Sunday, March 13, 2016

Insect screens

I got some advice from a fellow camper.  He told me to get insect screens for the heater intake and exhaust.   He had mud daubers (mud wasps for those not in the South) take up residence in those openings during the summer last year.  He said it was not a trivial task to fix the problem and clean out the mud.   Since I was from Tallahassee, he highly recommended. installing some insect screens.

So for $12.00 I purchased some insurance. Camco 42141 Flying Insect Screens.

Cameo bug screen

They came 2 to a package and included a tool to make the installation very easy.  You can see  in the picture the notch that the spring wire fits in.

Cameo Bug Screen

I installed per the instructions and it took 5 min. or less.   They are held to the vent openings via some included springs.   The key was to read/look at the instructions and put the tool through the center of the spring.  It really did only take 5 min.

When I was finished:
Winnebago fuse 23aWinnebago Fuse 23a

They stick out from the side of the Fuse a little bit and I wonder how well they will survive?  Based on the web reviews everyone seems to ask that question and most people seem to be happy and do not find it to be a problem.  

Now the next question and the conFUSEing question for today:  Do I need the same type of screens for the water heater and the refrigerator vents?

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