Wednesday, March 2, 2016

RV iPhone apps

I use an Apple iPhone.  As a matter of fact, I have mostly apple gear.   One of the things I have been looking at are what apps are available for the iPhone/iPad that will make traveling in the Winnebago Fuse easier.  So far I have found two I wanted to pass along.

The first one is a replacement for the bubble level.  There are several out there.  The one I am using is from Lemondo Entertainment called Bubble Level.

It is just a simple replacement for the bubble level needed to make sure the RV is level on the campsite. It is nothing special, but it works.  It is also Free.   It is available at:

The second iPhone app I am finding useful is "RV Parky".  It is another Free app.  It lists and has reviews for campgrounds around the North America.

What it has that I did not see in others is that it lists Walmarts, Camping Worlds, Cracker Barrels, Pilots, Flying Jays and other places you might want to pull off.  Includes the services offered at these locations to help plan your stops.  They seem to have versions for iPhone, Android and web.   The web site is at: and the iPhone app is at:  

I am really not sure that these are the best apps, but for someone starting out like me, the seem to be helpful.

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