Wednesday, March 9, 2016

First Repair

I made the first repair to the Fuse.  We stored the toilet paper under the bathroom sink.  During our first trip to Ft. Wilderness we noticed that the paper was wet.  Just a little, but it needed to be looked at.  I thought there was some condensation on the pipe when we picked up the Fuse, but this seemed a little mort than that.

We had a leak in the plumbing.   It was not big.  Just a few drops.  Nut even dripping. I was not sure where it was coming from so I started looking.  I could not get my shoulders in the cabinet so I had to find it by feel.

 I started by feeling around the faucet.   It was dry.   I felt around the drain.  It was dry.   I felt around the p-trap.   Bingo.  It was wet there.  I found the leak now what to do.

I tried tightening the nut around the p-trap, it had some play.  Problem was when I did that instead of a drip, now I had a stream.  Not exactly what I wanted but now I was committed.

From Winnebago

I took the p-trap apart.  The seal was not around the drain pipe, but was caught between the drain pipe and the trap.  Not making much of a seal and this was the problem. The seal  had a gap, since it was not on straight.  No problem,  just assemble it right and that would be that.    I put it back together and ran into a problem.

Winnebago had cut the drain pipe to length.  Normally the drain pipe has an inch or so of overlap with the trap.  In this case, it was closer to 1/16 of an inch, about the same as the width of the seal.  It took several attempts, but I got it assembled without the seal coming loose from the pipe and no more leak.

We went on the second trip to Ft. Wilderness and it held.  I will call this repair done.   Not a real big deal.  I still think that Winnebago should have allowed more overlap between the trap and the drain pipe.

The moral to the story is that I should have checked for leaks better when we picked up the Fuse.

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