Monday, March 7, 2016

Ft. Wilderness 3/6/16

We went to Ft. Wilderness again.   This time with our son.

Ft. Wilderness Map

We took off on Saturday morning.   Drove I-10 to I-75 to the Turnpike.  Very uneventful drive.  We met a real nice gentleman who was on his way the the DMCA rally in Perry, Ga.  Lilly bayed as we stopped  at the Lake City rest stop and we talked beagles for a little bit before we got back on the road.

The trip down was 276 miles from Tallahassee to Ft. Wilderness.  I set the cruse control to 68mph and went down the road.  The computer said the miles per gallon was averaging 14.9mpg.  When I calculated by hand it after the fill up it came out to 15.1mpg.  Not bad and I am feeling better that the computer is not too far off.

We had a great time at the campground.  My son was interested in how to set up camp with the Fuse and I think it took us all of 20 min to be settled in.  He ran off to Epcot and MGM and Sonya and myself enjoyed the great weather.

Winnebago Fuse 23a

We stayed at site 1808.  This is called a full hookup site as opposed to a premium site like we stayed at on the 500 loop last time.  Though it was further away from the action and required more walking/bus riding, it was really nice.  It had a space at the back of the lot for a tent or other activities so it might have not been ideal for those with a long coach.  It was very close to the canals and we watched the deer and turkeys from under the awning.

Winnebago Fuse 23a

That night we had pizza from P&J takeout at Pioneer Hall.  Last time we had the chicken dinner.   Both were around $20.00 and would feed a family of 4.   Pretty good deals for Disney and both were pretty good tasting as well. We were pretty hungry and I forgot to get the picture until after we ate.  The 3 slices that were left over became lunch on Sunday.

Ft. Wilderness Pizza

We got up Sunday, ate breakfast, broke camp and traveled 281 miles back from Orlando to Tallahassee.  We had a couple of detours.  One, when I made/got stuck making a wrong turn onto the Turnpike and the other when the dog decided she needed to stop right away so we got off of the Turnpike and stopped at the Lake County Welcome Center.  

I stayed between 68-70 miles per hour coming back.   We were going a little faster due to the traffic, but not much more.   Sonya took a turn driving and went from Lake City to Monticello.  She said other than having to learn to use the mirrors, it drove like a large car.  Only being able to see ahead and having to depend on the side mirrors took some getting use to but I think twords the end of the 45 min driving experience she was pretty comfortable.

Coming back to Tallahassee the computer said we got 14.8mpg.  After filling up when we got back the hand calculation worked out to 14.7mpg.   Again, everything seems to be agreeing.  The computer seems to be running close to reality.

We had a great weekend, the weather cooperated and there were no surprises.   Just the way it should be.

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