Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Backup camera

A nice aluminum controller box is sitting (ok screwed down) in the AV space in my Fuse 23a.   It has several wires coming out of it but they just disappear into the wall.   This has been bothering me for several weeks and I finally decided to figure out what it was. Curiosity won last night and I figured it out.

Winnebago fuse

Winnebago Fuse 23a Backup Camera

After looking for markings and studying the manuals and then making an educated guess it turned out to be the controller for the backup camera.

It appears Winnebago sources them from Rear View Safety.   Looking at their product list the closest to this that they sell is here .    The web page has all of the parts depicted including the aluminum box.    

Bingo.  I have solved the riddle.   It would be easier if it was in the supplemental documents, but my copy only has instructions on how to use the rearview camera monitor, not  the parts that go into making it all work.

Now I will say that the rearview system is pretty nice.   It looks like a rearview mirror for the most part and is stuck to the middle of the windshield, right were a rearview mirror should be.  When using it, it is pretty natural since it is in the right place for those of us who normally drive a car.
Winnebago Fuse 23a Backup Display
From Rear View Safety Web Site
My photos were big reflections with no detail

Winnebago fuse backup monitor

When turned on the images are really clear.   You can turn on distance lines to make maneuvering even easier.  It helped a lot when I was backing into the spaces at Ft. Wilderness.

The camera, on the back of the coach sits up high and blends right in with the roof. It includes IR lighting and works at night.

Winnebago Fuse backup cameraWinnebago Fuse backup camera

Mine is pointed at an angle to see right behind the unit.  I think it was made for parking the coach and not for use on the road.  It makes backing the unit into a spot pretty easy.  Since it is pointing mostly down, you could also use it to check on a tow vehicle or bikes on a bike rack.   When I was getting briefed on the Fuse, I was told it could be adjusted if necessary.  I was also told there was a microphone and you could hear someone behind you giving directions.

Want the down side.  Since the monitor is mounted on the front window, when you put up the privacy shades you have to work around it.  Not a big deal.

So now the big question.  Since there are two empty inputs, what else can I connect?

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  1. Great post. I checked with Rear View Safety and the system can handle 3 cameras so the 2 extra inputs can be used to add a right and left camera. The system is designed with 3 trigger wires, so you can wire the right camera to the right turn signal and every time you activate the the turn signal the right camera automatically activates. Pretty cool. They have nice side cameras you can add http://www.rearviewsafety.com/rvs-775-side-camera-blind-spot-camera.html