Monday, March 21, 2016

Winnebago Fuse 23a review - First month

Well we have now had the Fuse for about a month.   So far, so good.  It is working out exactly as we wanted so we are pretty happy.

This month we have spent 3 nights away from home in the Fuse.   One night in Tampa at Lazy Days and 2 nights on 2 separate occasions at Ft. Wilderness at Disney World.

We have used most of the features of the coach.   I can say that the heater works very well down at 30 degrees.  I can say that the water heater works very well on either electricity or propane.  The air conditioner works fine at 85 degrees but it will get a much better workout in the next several months.

I had one repair I had to make to the drain in the rear bathroom.  Nothing major, but I hope Winnebago read my email on the needing overlap in the P-trap.

We have gotten around 15mpg going down the highway at 70mph.  About what I expected.  I have seen even higher going slower speeds.  It drives beautifully.  My wife is saying she will drive it over the F250 Pickup any day.

There are still a few things we are still not so sure of.

  1. I would have rather had a diesel generator as opposed to LP.  We will discover if this really is a problem as time goes on.  
  2. We are still getting noise from around the door at above 60 mph.   This was a complaint when we picked up the unit from lazy Days and they addressed most of it, but at high speeds we are still getting some.   I guess we will bring it in a little bit if I can't find it.

We have still not tried out the shower.  It seems to have accumulated the dog dish and the dirty cloths hamper.

The storage has been great.  To be real honest, for the two of us we still have empty places to store stuff, and I am pretty sure we are overpacking. The drawers under the bed hold our clothes, the drawers in the bath hold the towels and other bath supplies and the cabinets over the beds hold anything the drawers don't.

One of the concerns going into this was the outside storage.  So far, it has been just about right.  The drivers side bay is holding the utility stuff, the wet bay on the passenger side is holding the chairs and patio stuff.  The dry storage above that is holding the tools and other misc stuff and is pretty empty.

So what do we still have to do in future:

  1. Replace one of the USB ports with a 12v port for my wife's CPAP machine.  Looks like a pretty easy changeout.
  2. Get our storage more refined.  We are still making adjustments and probably are carrying things we never will need and not carrying what we will need.
  3. Figure out if there is a way to fill the water tank while connected to city water as opposed to having to move the hose.
  4. Get the bike situation resolved.
  5. Need to figure out a better way to store the privacy screens for the front windows.
  6. Go on more trips


  1. Hi, I'm glad I found your blog. I'm considering a Winnebago Fuse or Trend, and have looked at the smaller Travatos, which may be a little too small. Will be following your trips and hope to gain knowledge about this particular unit. I'm curious about the bathroom. I saw one of these at an RV show, and the bathroom seemed like a tight fit, but useable nonetheless.

    I'm wondering about the TV. It doesn't seem to be in a good location for comfortable viewing. I have thought about asking WGO to forego the TV and provide us with open storage space above the cab.

    I'm also somewhat concerned about having a refrigerator on a slide and wonder if any problems will arise in the future.

    Looking forward to more blog entries and hearing of your travels!


  2. Glad to provide information to help you decide. I think that everyone has different needs/wants when picking out an RV so one size does not fit all. You have to find the one that is the best fit for you.

    bathroom - Myself and my wife are not small people. The bathroom is tight but useable. I wish it had a porcelain toilet as opposed to plastic, but so far, so good.

    Front TV - It has a family large viewing angle, but we don't use it much. If I had to pay extra I would also probably not buy it, but it is usable. There is some storage behind it, but that space is mostly taken up by the entertainment system and associated stuff. The TV is AC powered so that also limits our use on occasion.

    Refrigerator : That I don't worry about. Seems very common now days.The slid is very sturdy and I think Winnebago has lots of experience with connections on a slide


  3. One more thing on the TV - The one over the bed in the Fuse is DC powered and gets used all of the time


    1. We recently purchased a Fuse the TV DC was not installed. It was left out during assembly. Contact Winnebago they will mail to you.

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  5. Did they not connect the DC to the TV or was the TV not installed?