Friday, April 1, 2016

Winnebago Fuse TVs

I guess it is time to talk abut the televisions and TV support equipment in the Winnebago Fuse.     

To start with there are 2 TVs located in the Fuse 23a.   They are both from Insignia.   There is one mounted up front over the cab area.   There is an additional one in the back over the foot of the right side bed.  

The TV up front is an Insignia 32" HDTV.  It is 110v powered so unless you are plugged in or are using the generator, you are not going to be watching it.   The picture is great, the sound is fine and it can be seen from the couch when the slide is either in or out.  You can actually see it fairly well while laying on the beds if you look around things.    To be honest we have not used it much.  We have been doing our TV watching while laying on the beds.

Winnebago Fuse 23a

The TV in the bedroom is a 24" Insignia HDTV.  The specifications for the Fuse say this TV is an optional item.  It is 12V powered and can be watched with just coach battery power.  We tend to watch this one the most.  It is about the perfect size for the bedroom.  One note of caution.  There is a DC power switch  behind the front TV next to the entertainment center.  This has to be on or no power will come to the back TV or any of the entertainment stuff.

Winnebago Fuse TV Bedroom

I got conFUSEd immediately when we first tried out the TVs.  There is one problem.  Either of the remote controls work on both TVs.  If you turn on the TV when you are on shore power you might get one or both.  You get 2 remotes, the problem is,  both TVs respond to either controller.

Both TVs are connected to the external antenna for Over the Air (OTA) vewing and can also receive cable  (CATV) input if it is available in where you are staying at.  To use cable vs over the air  (OTA) you have to press a button on the coax power injector.  It is under the green light in the photo below.  

Winnebago Fuse Enertainment System Jensen

The other key to using the using the TVs is you must do a channel scan to find the stations.  This is fairly easy but might take 10 min to complete.

Both TVs are connected to the central entertainment system.  This is a Jenson Radio that I have touched on in another post.  It has a DVD player and when you play a movie it goes to the HDMI on both TVs.  We have watched several movies and it has worked great.

The Fuse 23a comes with a directional TV antenna.  You use the selector knob to pick what direction you want the antenna to point and use the lights on it to get the strongest signal.  There is a switch on the side to turn off the lights so they do not bother you at night.  The antenna does not go up or down, just turns direction and should be pointed forward when moving per the book.

Winnebago Fuse TV antenna

In the utility bay, next to the power cord is the external connection for the CATV and for a satellite dish if you have one.  It is mounted on the side of the compartment and is easy to get to.  Winnebago has also prewired the Fuse for satellite on the roof per the manual. I have not checked to see if this is really there or not.

Winnebago Fuse Utility Compartment - Satellite/CATV connections

There is also a coax output next to the coach door if you want to watch a TV outside.  Not something I plan to do but it is there.

Now this is probably more choices that I really need but Winnebago has made this pretty complete.

The Winnebago Trend 23D only has the bedroom TV but it is on an arm and can be swiveled out to be seen from the front.   I am not sure this is better or not, but it would actually work with how we plan to use the unit.   On the other hand, maybe the two of us will want to watch separate shows sometime and we can do it.


  1. Is it possible to hear the audio from the TV through the Jensen audio system? I haven't figured this out yet and can only hear the TV audio through the actual TV speakers only.

  2. Yes it is. But I think that is only works from the Front TV. Look at the back of the Front TV and see if you have a cable in the Optical out port or the headphone out port. Winnebago has changed things up during the build cycle.

    Go to the Jensen Entertainment Center and pick optical (assuming that is what you got) as the input. You may need to change the audio out on the TV as well but it definitely works.

  3. It worked! I thought I had tried it but it seems I didn't wait long enough for it to switch. It took approx 6-10 sec before I heard it. Thanks Don, you're the man!

  4. I know this thread is old but I am hoping someone can answer my question. The bedroom tv will work with the antenna and they DVD player but will not work with the cable. Is there an additional switch like that little green button for the back bedroom tv or is there something in the stereo system that switches it to cable?

  5. Anyone have any thoughts on 2018 Winnebago fuse 23A neither TV working.? (not coming on.)

  6. Try the Winnebago Fuse Owners FB page, lots of experienced Fusers who can help.