Thursday, April 7, 2016

Traveling back from White Springs


  1. Just looked at the Fuse today and was concerned that my dogs could not jump on the beds as they were so high. Is your beagle able to get up there unassisted?

  2. The beagle can when she wants to. She is big boned :-), lazy and proud of it. If a dog can be proud. The couch is zero problem and she is up there lots. Our Beagle is a drama queen/baby so she likes to be picked up. If you ignore her and she wants up, she makes it up and pouts. It is about the limit of the height she can make. As she gets older it might be a problem, but we have talked about putting the foot stool by the beds to help when we are not around. When she gets on one bed, she jumps across the isle like it was not there. Bring the dogs and a treat to the dealer and find out.