Friday, October 1, 2021

Heading to the Fusing in the Ozarks Fall 2021 Rally - Day 3 - To Harrison, AR

We took our time on Thursday morning getting on the road.  From Russellville to Harrison was only a couple of hours according to Siri.  Should not be a problem.   So we did not get off until 10AM or so.  

And off we went dutifully following Siri's advice.   So how would she take us to Harrison this morning? Well she decided to take us on something called the Pig Trail Scenic Byway.  I still do not know why on one day Siri picks one way to go and on another day she picks another way but we just follow the advice.  

When we made our plans the maps app showed us going straight north from Russellville up HWY 7 on the 2hr 11min path but there must have been construction or an accident or Siri was just messing with us on Thursday so off to the Pig Trail, we went.  The longest option when I took this snapshot the day after.

Sorry there are no pictures,  I was holding on for dear life.  It actually was not that bad in the Fuse but I do not know how a large Class A would do it.  After we left it we saw several heading that way and were passed by several Semi trucks so I and sure they made it.  There were a number of switchbacks and curves where the speed limit was 15mph and I would guess the average speed limit was 35mph.   It actually was a beautiful drive but as Sonya and myself agreed, we would have hate to have done it at night or in the rain.

So how did we do on day 3, performance wise.  We drove 181 miles and got 13.5mpg.   I actually think that was a good MPG rating this time since it was all up and down.  Town/Haul mode in the Fuse got used almost all of the way.

We had lunch at a McDonalds in Huntsville.   After lunch the road straightened out and we had a nice ride into Harrison and the KOA.    Showing our age, we actually have been through Harrison before when we went to the Rally in Branson a few years back. We remembered when we saw the Walmart and the Arby's we ate at last time.  

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