Sunday, October 3, 2021

Fusing in the Ozarks Fall 2021 Rally - Day 5 - Harrison, AR

This was Day 5 of our Trip and Day 2 of the Rally, Saturday is always the big day.

Catered Breakfast @ Fuse Rally

Breakfast at Fusing in the OzarksBreakfast at Fusing in the Ozarks

Saturday started with a catered breakfast from the Ranch House Restaurant.   Lots of great food and lots of fellowship.  That is always a winning combination, food and friends.

Fusing in the Ozarks Tech Talk

Fusing in the Ozarks Tech TalkFusing in the Ozarks Tech Talk

After breakfast we got down to business.  Lee from Winnebago answered a number of questions and took a lot of comments.  Winnebago is a great company sending someone to our rally to help, in return they get our input.  He brought a EKKO with him and pointed out some of the suggestions we had to the Fuse that were incorporated into the new unit.

Fusing in the Ozarks  Coach Tour

Then we did tours of coaches and saw all the ideas and mods people have incorporated into their Fuses.  This is always a great time to see how imaginative and how many experts and mechanical geniuses we have in the group.   

As part of this Rob G. and some others went to all the coaches and checked gutters.  You need to make sure the drains under the front window are kept clear of dirt and debris.  If not, the water can overflow and damage the Transit air filter (passenger side drain) or one of the main electric connectors (drivers side drain).    Out of the 25 units that were inspected, 5 had very clogged drains and they were remediated.

Fusing in the Ozarks - EKKO

The main attraction seemed to be the EKKO Winnebago sent.  It was super interesting to see the similarities and the differences between it and the Fuse.  They definitely are siblings but they are definitely not twins.  I will have more on the EKKO later.

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  1. This was my first Rally and it was fantastic! And I'm so so glad I passed the surprise inspection!!