Tuesday, September 24, 2019

On the Road Again

Well we are finally back on the road again.  Our last trip in the Fuse was in April at the Bowling Green Get Together.  Been a real eventful time in the family since then.  Sonya had health issues, Lily had health issues, we had family issues and just no time to take the Fuse out.  Been using it in the driveway. I used it by myself in June for a radio event, but we just have not been able to go out exploring.

Well we are back!  

Today we got on the road for the Fall Fuse Get Together in Branson, MO.  We drove from Tallahassee to Vicksburg, MS.  Left the house around 0900 eastern time (I have to get the time zones right) and drove 3 hours to a spot between Pensacola and Mobile.  Why did we stop there?  Guess.

There is now a Buc-ees in Alabama on I-10.  If you are not failure with Buc-ees you are missing something.  Think the cleanest, fanciest, truck stop you have ever been at with no 18 wheelers.   Why no trucks I have no idea, but wow it is nice.  Had to have 100 covered pumps and it had super clean bathrooms.    They even had food.  We got a selection of BBQ sandwiches.  Pork, Brisket and Turkey.  Not the biggest fan of the sauce, but the brisket was out of this world.

From there we continued west through Mobile and got off on I-165.  Wish I had got photos but you go right by the USS Alabama and one other thing.  You go by the Austal shipyard where they are building Navy Ships.  I saw 3-4 LCS ships under construction and a fast transport ship as well.  US industry at its finest.

Next we headed up US-98 to Hattiesburg, MS and then up US-49 to Jackson, MS.  Then on I-20 over to Vicskburg, MS and our campsite for the night at Rivertown Campground.  

Arrived at 5:00 PM Central Time We will give the review for that tomorrow but at first glance looks nice and clean but no CableTV.  At $28.00 for the night with full hookups I can deal with that.

So what was the stats for the day.   We drove 490 miles about half interstate and half US highway.  Milage on the first tank of diesel was 13.85 using the calculator (70mph on I-10).  Will not find out on the second half of they until we refuel in the morning.

Best part of the day was we are back in the Fuse and going down the road.  Can't beat that.

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