Wednesday, September 25, 2019

2018 Compact Coach Rally Overview

First we had a great time at the Compact Coach Rally.   There were over 130 coaches and 16 were Fuses.  Pretty good turnout from the Fuse community especially since the View/Navion coaches have been on the market 10 years longer than we have.

We drove into Forest City and right as you get into town is Lichtsinn RV on the right.  You can't miss it.  We stopped in and looked around for a moment.  Verified some of what was going on and then decided to go to the rally grounds so we could get back to the Lichtsinn pre-party.

Since it was cold, we decided to top off the LP gas.   The folks at Lichtsinn sent us down to the local Farmers Co-Op.  They were several blocks down and a block off of the main road.  Turn at Caseys.   Look for the grain silos.  They were very nice and got us topped off.

We then continued down the street to the Winnebago Rally Grounds.  They are just down the road from the Winnebago Factory Tour building.   We drove in and checked in at Friendship Hall.  We picked up our packet and were directed to park on row 6 where the Fuses were at.  We plugged in and then I caught the shuttle down to Lichtsinn.

Well it was not quite that simple.  I think everyone got a good laugh as I tried out 4 sites trying to find the one that was most level.

A couple of notes for those who go to the Winnebago Rally Grounds:

  • Most of the parking is on grass.  Some areas are very level and some are not.  And if the ground is wet, well you find/create a rut.  If you are there for a service appointment there is some level overnight parking on a crushed stone surface.   
  • Electricity is everywhere.  Water is at the end of every other row and septic is in a couple of places.  You need to fill up with water when you get there.  I did not and had to move to get water half way through.  Apparently people link hoses to make a long one during some big events.
  • Bathrooms and showers were clean and had lots of hot water.  They worked out fine.
  • Friendship Hall was the center of all of our activities.  It is on the opposite side of the facility than the entrance.  Row 6 was about half way between the entrance and Friendship Hall
  • It is on the side of a hill so there is some up and down walking getting to various places.

When we got to Forest City, Lichtsinn RV was having an all day Pre-Rally party.  A day of classes on various View and Fuse related items.  Overviews of the units, a class on solar & inverters, a class on awning and slide out maintenance, a tech corner discussing all sorts of technology stuff.  And to top it off they provided lunch and snacks.  They also provided shuttles between the rally grounds and the Lichtsinn RV building.   There was lots of great information.

Then was was the kickoff dinner.  Lots of fun, meeting people and just a good start to the rally.

On Friday morning we got tours of the factory.

Friday afternoon we got to meet with the various teams.  View Product managers for the View folks and Fuse.

Friday night we had a pot luck dinner.

Saturday morning started off with a Breakfast provided by Lichsinn.  Then a product development workshop.

Saturday afternoon was the mods contest

Saturday night was another catered dinner and then a large game of trivia.  We did not win, but our team, "refuse to loose " gave a good showing.

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