Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What have I used the most this trip ? The broom.

I keep thinking about what I use and don't use when we are out in the Fuse.  On this trip to Ft. Wilderness the thing I have used most has been the broom.

I have a  Carrand 67613 Expandable Outdoor Broom and we keep it in the bathroom closet.  I talked about it "A tale of Two Brooms".  On this trip I have wound up using it twice a day.   In addition to the beagle fur that has been shed, we seem to be tracking in sand, dirt and leaf matter.

Now it might be our Son is camped out in a tent behind the Fuse.  The Daughter is sleeping on the fold out couch.  Or it might just be we are having a bunch of fun since the weather is cooperating and we keep going in and out.

Either way the broom seems to be the most used accessory this trip.


  1. I really enjoy your blog. My wife and I are in the market for a Fuse. I spent 3 hours last night reading every single one of your entries. Thanks for the links to the Ford and Fuse owners manuals.

  2. Hopefully it helps. Ask any questions you have. You may want to check out the Facebook group and ask questions there as well. Lots of very nice knowledgeable people all willing to help.