Saturday, December 17, 2016

A Small Panic Attack

Well there I was, getting ready to leave Ft Wilderness.  Breaking camp I had a small panic attack.  We got everything disconnected,  put the slide in,  put the awning in,  dumped the tanks and were about ready to go and we had a major problem.   No DC power in the coach!

No lights.  No water pump.  No nothing.   Noooooo.

A feeling of dread came over me.  What had I broken, what had broken on its own?  Panic set in for a few moments.  Would we be able to get home?

So I started off small.  Would the Fuse crank up?  It did.  So we would at least get home.

Winnebago Fuse Circuit Breakers

Then I looked at the circuit breakers and the fuses.  They all looked good, but still no power.

Well when all else fails, get out the manual as they say.  So, I did.   This was super serious if I was going to break out the manual.

Winnebago Fuse Manual

I quickly looked up D.C. Power.  Well "Electrical System, DC" to be specific and it sent me it page 6-6.

What was on page 6-6 & 6-7 ?  A note on the house battery disconnect.

Winnebago Fuse Coach Battery Disconnect

Guess what?   It was off.  We must have turned it off when we were putting in or out the awning.  Turned it back on and everything was right with the world, or at least our little piece of it.

So off we went.  Back home to Tallahassee.  Only a few more grey hairs added (or in my case, hairs lost)


  1. That switch kills the parasitic loads when your Fuse is in storage--or put away for the winter--like ours here in central NY. Just another "learning experience"...