Thursday, April 20, 2017

Traveling up to the smokies - Days 1 and 2

Lilly the beagle being a  co-pilot

We left Tallahassee around lunch on day 1 and we had a reservation just outside of Athens, Ga.  On this trip we are going to avoid Atlanta at all costs.  The highway bridge falling down in downtown Atlanta can only add to the normally nerve racking experience.   So our path is as follows:

Take US-319 from Tallahassee to Tifton.  There get on I-75 through rural Georgia.  The Georgia state highways are great.  Generally designed with farm to market operations in mind so they are nice and wide for agricultural needs.   Once on I-75 we ran up to Macon and then got on 129 heading up towards Athens, Ga.   Our stop was a little before that in a small town called Bishop.

South Ga Pecan TreesSouth Ga Farm Land

We stayed at the Pine Lake Campground.   A really nice place.   Everything was very clean.  The bathrooms were in the process of being remodeled and the one I used was spotless.

Pine Lake CampgroundPine Lake Campground

They had a beautiful pair of lakes and it was nice to walk around.  We stayed in spot #1.  It was level and easy to pull through.  A really pretty place and we would stay again.

We got up the next morning and headed for the Get Together.

We filled up for the remainder of the trip to Cosby, TN.    We got 17.5mpg for this half of the trip.   Mostly running 55-65 on the nice GA roads.  We found a couple of real nice rest stops along the way and several really pretty little towns.  If the computer is to be believed, 17.2 mpg for the part through the mountains.

Mountain RoadsMountain Rest Stop

Smokie MountainsSmokie Mountains

We  checked in and started to meet all of the folks that beat us here.   First time I have seen this many Fuses in one place including a dealers lot.   And we have even more coming tomorrow.

2017 Spring Fuse Rally - Early Birds2017 Spring Fuse Rally - Early Birds

By the end of the day, 11 Fuses were here.   We should have another 6 or so coming in tomorrow. We put a lot of faces with names and talked about Fuses way past Lily's bedtime.

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