Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Get Together Question - Is There a New Bike Rack ?

Question:  Has the Fiamma Bike Rack been replaced on the Fuse with something newer?

Answer:  Here is a drawing of the Summit bike rack we currently offer on the Fuse.  It is pretty similar in looks and function to the Fiamma that was initially offered. 


  1. Hi Don. Enjoy your blog. Am buying 23A. Unfortunately it does not have bike rack or bracket for one installed from factory. Following is response from Winnebago:

    The structure of the back wall is the same whether the bike rack kit was ordered or not, so I do not have any concerns with adding the bike rack in that regard. However, the kit bolts through the back wall, which would require removing the lavatory cabinet and toilet platform (possibly plumbing as well) to anchor the bike rack in the factory location. This is a substantial amount of work to consider before proceeding.

    Any recommendations?


  2. Why not use a bike rack that is set on your hitch, so much easier and cheaper?

  3. I would use a hitch based bikerack if I was in your position. It will be easier given the bracket in your unit is not pre-installed. Cheaper is not a given. But probably not any more expensive and much less hassle.