Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Getting Ready for a Trip

A Wet Winnebago Fuse

It's several days from our next trip in the Fuse and we need to get everything ready to go.  Like most people with RVs we keep most things we will need in the Fuse all of the time.  For us, with the exception of food we can get in our motorhome and go somewhere overnight with what we keep in there and not miss much.

We do not keep any food in the Fuse.  We don't want any ants or other critters.  We usually leave one change of clothes, so if we go out for the day we can change if we get messy.

So to start this trip, we are going to be gone 5 days and 4 nights.   This is the spring and we are heading north so beachwear is not on the list.  A mixture is what we are going to pack.

The weekend before, we took care of some general house keeping.  We did a good clean and wipe down of everything.  Since the Fuse is so small it only takes 10 minutes or so.  We broke out the swifter with wet pads for the floor and the spray cleaner and some towels for everything else.

I generally store the Fuse with a full tank of diesel.  Water is the biggest enemy of diesel fuel and leaving the tank half full when the weather is constantly going hot and cold during the spring is not a good idea.   I had driven the Fuse several times in the last several weeks and put 50-60 miles on the odometer.

The propane level was down to 2/3s so I wanted to top that off before our trip as well.  So Saturday afternoon we took a ride, got the propane filled (less than 2 gallons) and topped off the fuel tank.  And we got some Icees as a treat.

The Fuse now would sit for a couple of days.  I plugged it into the house so we can have some 110v power as necessary, but we let it sit.   The only other thing is to put the battery for the e-bike on the charger.  Just so we don't have to worry about it later.

Winnebago Fuse on Shore Power

The evening before we leave it is time to turn on the refrigerator.  The refrigerator in the Fuse is an absorption type and takes several hours to cool down.  If we let it cool down overnight it is perfect in the morning.

We also bring our clothes out and anything else that is special for the trip.    Then we get some sleep.

Winnebago Fuse Full Drawer

The morning of the trip we finish the packing.

We bring out our food almost last.  The cold stuff goes in the refrigerator along with a couple gallons of drinking water.  Some sodas, meat, milk and our little box of condiments we pick up along the way.  Granola bars, cookies, k-cups and the other cupboard stuff goes in some containers above the sofa.  The bread and chips above the sink and we are done.

Winnebago Fuse Refrigerator

Winnebago Fuse CabinetWinnebago Fuse cabinet over couch

We have a Tupperware container we fill with ice from the house and put that in the freezer.  It will store the ice we make while on the road as well.

Winnebago Fuse Freezer

Next step is put the e-bike on the rack.  Make sure it is well secured and the safety strap is on.

Here I will add water if necessary.  I aways use a filter to make sure we have the best water possible.  I only fill it to 1/3-1/2.  We are not boon docking, so no need to carry the extra water weight.

Now we are almost ready to get underway.  I unplug from the house, coil up the extension cord and stow it.  I walk around the Fuse and check all of the compartments to make sure they are secured and  locked.  I check the tires and make sure everything looks right.   We are almost ready.

The last step is to make sure everything is secured inside.  All of the blinds are up so there is no banging.  Once everything is secured it is time to go.

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