Friday, April 21, 2017

Dinner/Lunch - Publix Microwave Meals

The last two meals we have had in the Fuse have been seriously good eats.   On our way to the Get Together we stopped at Publix to get our groceries.  Publix for those not in the SouthEast is a regional grocery store like Kroger.

I got sandwich stuff, drinks and enough stuff for two dinner meals. We did not need more since we had the pot luck and the pizza party to look forward to for the rest of the dinners.  Don't say anything about being well  balanced meal or anything.  First, this is vacation.  Second, I don't like green stuff.   But ignoring that, this was some seriously good eating.

Key was that I wanted something that was quick, easy and could be done in the microwave.  To be honest I was not sure what we would be doing at the party so I wanted flexibility.   I hit those goals and we were going to eat something better than sandwiches.

The first meal we had was the Publix Meatloaf.  I paired this with some microwave mash potatoes.  Cooked it at power level 5 in the microwave for 11 minutes and it came out nice and hot.  I paired it with some microwave mash potatoes.  4-5 minutes in the microwave for those and we were ready for a piping hot dinner.

Publix Meatloaf

This meatloaf was very yummy.  It was in a brown gravy not a tomato gravy.   It was enough for Sonya, Lily and myself to have a good portion with the mash potatoes and have enough for a second half helping.   It did not taste too salty which is something I tend to be more sensitive to lately.  The cost was $6.99 in the deli section.

Our second Publix meal was meant to be our dinner on Thursday, but it turned into lunch on Friday.  We got so busy talking to all of our old/new (what is a Facebook friend when you meet them in person for the first time) friends that when we finally gave up for the night we had forgotten to eat.

This meal was Publix Beef Tips and Uncle Ben's Microwave rice.   This was also pretty good and made a great meal.   Not quite as yummy as the meat loaf, but not bad never the less.   This took 6 minutes at 50% power in the microwave and then it was nice and steaming.   Accompanying this was some Uncle Ben's Microwave Rice - Roast Chicken Flavored.  This was 90 seconds in the microwave at full power and it was ready to go.

Publix Beef Tips

It made a good meal as well.   The beef tips on top of the rice was a great pairing.  There was enough  for everyone without any leftovers.  It had plenty of extra gravy to add to Lily's dog food tonight so everyone was happy.  This I thought was a little more salty than the meatloaf.  Still very good and I am probably the only one that would notice.  Oh, and the price was $7.99

And just to be healthy, we had a healthy desert -Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Cookies.   Peanut butter counts for healthy, right?

A question I was asked at the Get Together.  Do you eat on paper plates or on real dishes?   We eat on both depending on what the meal is.  With sandwiches we generally eat on paper towels.  With the meals above we used paper plates with real flatware (we have some disposable plastic stuff we have picked up at fast food places).  But we have 4 place settings of corning ware that we use as the need arises.

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