Saturday, April 15, 2017

Cleaning the Maxxair Fan

Maxxair Fan

The Maxxair fan in the Winnebago Fuse is great. Super quiet and moves a lot of air. It will run as a fan or as a ventilator.  You choose using a button on the control panel.  It even has a thermostat to turn on and off the fan as needed.

I was sitting in the Fuse the other day and I noticed a noise coming from the Maxxair fan.  Not a bad noise, but something.  The fan has almost been silent from the day we got the Fuse, so something was up.   I looked and did not see anything.  I pushed the button to put it into fan mode and the noise went away. I did not give much thought to the issue and went about my business.

Well, the next day I went into the Fuse the noise was back. I looked at the fan and there I saw it.  A leaf and a wasp had gotten into the fan, and were touching the blades.  That was what was causing the chattering.

So, I guess it was time to clean the fan.  It was very easy.  Before I did anything I wanted to make sure the wasp was dead, I did not want to get stung.  He was and by all appearances he had been for a while.

The first step in this procedure was to turn off the fan.  I did this by pressing the on/off button.

Maxxair Fan - Switch

This brought down the vent cover so nothing else could get in from the outside.   We wanted no more leafs and no more bugs.

Now came the real job. Getting the screen off.  This was rather simple after I looked at it.  The latches just twist out of the way.  They seem to be spring loaded and twisting all 4 of them 180 degrees allowed the screen to come out.

Maxxair Fan - Screen tabsMaxxair Fan - Screen removal

I dumped the leaf and the wasp out the door, and put the screen back in.   Now the fan was silent again.

Maxxair Fan - ScreenDead wasp

Total time - 3 minutes.

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