Saturday, April 29, 2017

Friday at the Get Together

We had a great night talking all about Fuses the night before.  We had such a good time we stayed up way past our bed time.

Fuses in the campground

We were originally going to do some exploring in the area.  We were so convinced that we did not put out the slide.   The Beagle Bus looked kind of funny sitting there in line, everyone with their slides out but us.  On this morning, I let Sonya sleep in. Not that it mattered,  I was having a good time talking with all the fusers that were at the campground.

We sat there talking and watching people arrive.  Every time a Fuse rolled up, the group gravitated to their site to welcome them.    I think we started Friday morning with 11 Fuses and by the end of the day we had 19 rolling up right as the pot luck was starting.

The only event on Friday was a pot luck that started at 5:00PM.  And what a pot luck it was.  I think that there was enough food to feed an army.   Brats, brisket, sausages, and BBQ.   Salad, dips, curds and  chips.   And lets not forget the pecan pies and other desserts.

Winnebago Fuse Pot Luck

Winnebago Fuse Pot LuckWinnebago Fuse Pot Luck

It seemed like the other thing that was in abundance was wine, bourbon and moonshine.  And a good thing we had that because everyone got a juice glass to commemorate our event.  The glass was good for orange juice, apple juice, grape juice, corn juice, fermented or not.

Winnebago Fuse Wine GlassWinnebago Fuse Pot Luck

I was amazed at our crowd.  Everyone seemed like long lost relatives.  Just like a family reunion.  Our new Fuse family reunion.

Fuse get together event Fuse get together event
Fuse get together eventFuse get together event

Fuse get together event

We ate and had a great time.  But then the rain came.  And a rain it was.  Huge thunder showers through the night, but everyone was comfortable in their Fuses.  Me, I could not calm down since it was like when I was a child at Christmas, waiting for our speakers in the morning.

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