Monday, April 10, 2017

Successful Failure - A Fix to the Sewer Hose Compartment

I am going to post another modification from Richard Kozloski who has a 2017 Winnebago Fuse and is a member of the Facebook group.   He has decided to fix the sewer host storage problem and he is being nice enough to share his modification.  Please comment in the Facebook Winnebago Owners Group so Richard can respond to everyone directly:

I decided to “fix” the sewer hose comparement on my 23T. The problem being that the diameter of the pipe they installed and the diameter of the hole you were supposed to put the sewer hose through were just barely big enough to get a hose in but you couldn’t have any connectors on it. (Great design Winnebago, do you even check these things.)

I took measurements of the worse case fitting out of my bag of parts and found it wa s little over 41⁄4” in diameter.

I opened the door on the sewer compartment on the RV and measured the maximum inner size. That turned out to be ~5”. Since I watch a lot of This Old House I knew that there was a plastic fence post that was approximately 4” in diameter. So off to Lowes web site. The web site listed a 4” and a 5” plastic post but gave no inside dimensions. Off to the store with the sewer hose end in tow.

Fence post sewer

When I finally found someone that knew what I was talking about and where they were (Garden department outside) we pulled one post each and I measured them. The 4” was ~4 inches outside diameter and ~37⁄8 inside. Sewer connection wouldn’t go inside it. However, the 5” post measured ~5” outside and ~47⁄8” inside and the connector swam in it.

Brave soul that I am I purchased one 8’ section and the smallest (shortest) top cap I could find.

When I got home I cut a piece about 2” long off the post and took it out to the RV to do some checking. When I placed this piece in the opening it fit the opening perfectly. (Well close enough for government work.) I then crawled under the RV and used this piece as a gauge between the wall of the storage compartment and the braces for the generator. (My Fuse is a 23T. You need to make these checks on a 23A.) It would be a tight fit but it would make it OK.


Sewer hose storage - before

Test Fit

sewer host storage - test fit

This is going to be a snug fit

sewer host storage - snug fit

I drilled holes in the four corners and then cut the remaining out being careful not to break the door latch area and removed to old “pipe”

sewer hose storage - removedsewer host storage - old pipe

I cut a section of the5” post 25 inches long and gently tapped it in place with a section of 2x4 and a hammer. (Gently taped ...) It was a tight fit between the compartment and the generator braces but it shouldn’t fall out on its own.

sewer hose storage - testing

You can see how much space there is with this larger storage “pipe”.

sewer hose storage - Solved with hose inside

Success! Kinda. Although there is now plenty of room for any connector you would want you are limited to a max length collapsed of 24” if you want to close the door. Had to cut ~1 foot off my hose to get it in without damaging the door latch. At least that’s one length of hose out of the storage compartment.

If I had it to do again I would go with my second option which was to have a sheet metal box bent to fit the space between the storage compartment and the generator. You still have to cut the opening larger but you would be able to store an full length hose bent over and maybe even two. I still have 5ft of the 5” post free to a good home if someone wants to do this mod on their RV. Just stop in anytime and I’ll help you. It only takes about 1 hour.

A PDF of the this mod is located here.