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Winnebago Fuse 23a vs View 24v comparison

The two closest competitors to the Winnebago Fuse 23a are the Winnebago Trend 23d and the Winnebago View 24v.    These are all twin bed Class-C motorhomes made by Winnebago.

In this family the Fuse is the middle child even though it is the latest model.  The Fuse 23a and Trend 23d are close siblings and the View 24v is the big brother.  We compared the Fuse and the Trend earlier at:

My belief is that the Winnebago Fuse is a motorhome designed for two people and an occasional third as is the Trend.   The View in my opinion is designed for 4 people and not feel like there is much empty space when only two are traveling.  When our two children were smaller we would have had to buy the View 24v.   Now that it is only Sonya and I traveling, the Fuse is perfect even if one of the kids decides to come with us.

I want to clarify that the Winnebago View and the Itasca Navion are the same,  just different branding and some different colors.  Everything else is pretty much  the same between the brands.

Before the Fuse was announced we were about to buy a View 24v.  If there had been one equipped like we wanted we would have it today instead of the Fuse (we did not want the overhead bunk).  When we saw the Fuse we fell in love.  It met our needs better but I am sure we would have been happy with a View 24v.

For fairness,  all images in this comparison are from Winnebago sales literature unless otherwise noted.  That should make all the images the same quality.

Winnebago Fuse Floorplan
Fuse 23a Floorplan (Winnebago Ind)
Winnebago View Floorplan
View 24v Floorplan (Winnebago Ind)

Both of these motorhomes have twin beds.  The layouts are very different.  The Fuse has a large open floorplan with the bathroom in the back.  A slide out up front with a love seat and kitchen.

The View is a split floorplan with the twin beds in the rear.  The kitchen and couch (or sectional) make up the front living space.  This front area has a slide out. There is an optional bed over the cab.  The bathroom in the View splits the coach into two separate living spaces.

  • The bathroom in the View is a bigger/not quite as tight.
  • The Fuse has a window in the bath and the View does not. 
  • The Fuse has a pocket door and the View has a traditional swinging door
  • The View has a porcelain toilet with sprayer and the Fuse toilet is plastic and does not have a sprayer.
Winnebago Fuse Winnebago View

Bedroom area
  • The beds in the Fuse are slightly longer but the same width as in the View
  • Both the Fuse and the View beds can be made into a king sized bed configuration.
  • The bathroom is at the head of the bed in the Fuse and at the foot of the bed in the View
  • There are drawers under both beds in both the Fuse and the View.
  • The cabinets slide open on the Fuse.  The cabinets lift up on the View.  
  • There is more overhead storage in the View.  This is from overhead storage over the heads of the bed.
  • The View has a nice night stand area when the beds are not made into a king configuration.
  • The closet is bigger in the View

Winnebago FuseWinnebago View

Living/kitchen areas
  • The living and kitchen areas are about the same. The Views is slightly larger but the open floorplan of the Fuse evens this out. 
  • The Fuse has a love seat.  The View has a couch which is wider than the love seat on the Fuse.  They both can only fold out into a bed only when the slide is out
  • The microwave, refrigerator, and cooktop are the same.
  • The sink is bigger on the View though is is split.  The Fuse has a nicer faucet.
  • The View has more kitchen storage.
  • There is not a place for a front table in the Fuse when the slide is in.  The View has a place between the front seats.
  • Both units have TVs in the bedroom area.  In the living area the TV in the View is over the kitchen sink, the TV in the Fuse is over the cab.

Winnebago FuseWinnebago View

Cab area
  • Both front seats in the View rotate.  Only the passenger seat in the Fuse does
  • The seats are a little further apart in the View making the cab seem bigger.
  • There is a place for a table between the front seats when rotated in the View. 
  • There is a TV over the Cab in the Fuse.  There is a window or bed over the cab in the View.
  • There is more storage over the cab in the Fuse.  There is only storage along the sides over the cab in the View without the overhead bed.
Winnebago Fuse

Winnebago View

  • The Fuse is built on a Ford Transit Chassis.  The Trend on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis
  • Both are Diesel.  
  • The miles per gallon are about the same between the two units. Both are between 15-20mpg mostly impacted by speed.  There is a slight edge to the Fuse but maybe 1-2 mpg.
  • Both have Dual Rear Wheels.  
  • The Fuse has an LP generator.  The View has either and LP or Diesel generator
  • The Fuse has a traditional water heater.  The View has an option of an on demand water heater
  • Water and sewer capacities are about the same.  The View has the ability to fill the tank by turning a valve when connected to shore water.  The Fuse water tank has to be filled via the fill inlet only.
  • The Fuse is lower to the ground.  There is a concern about low ground clearance on the Fuse that has been addressed slightly in the 2017 1/2 version.
  • The Fuse has three similar sized external storage compartments.  One on the drivers side and 2 on the passenger side for a total of 23.1 cu ft.  The View has one large external storage compartment that is 2/3s the width of the View and 3 other compartments, 2 on the passenger side and one on the drivers side for a total of 43 cu ft.
  • The View can carry more weight.  4220 lbs. vs 3140 lbs. using the GCWR - GWVR method 
  • The 2017 1/2 Fuse has a 5000 lbs hitch which is the same as on the View.
  • The View is 1.5 feet longer and 1 foot taller.
  • The  View uses a pump to empty the gray tank.  The Fuse is all gravity.
  • The generator on the View is bigger than on the Fuse.  3600 (LP) or 3200  (diesel) watts vs 2,500 (LP) watts on the Fuse.  It is also much easier to access on the View through a side access hatch vs from underneath on the Fuse.
  • The View has an inverter.  The Fuse does not.
  • Both come with 2 group 24 batteries for DC power.  Solar is optional on both.
  • The View comes with an installed water filter.  The Fuse does not.
  • The Fuse is $20,000-$30,000 less expensive than the View

So why did I pick the Fuse over the View ?
  • I wanted smaller and even though it is only a 1 1/2' longer, the View seems much larger
  • The Fuse felt smaller and easier to drive during the test drive
  • I felt that the maintenance on the Fuse Ford Transit chassis would be cheaper and easer to find than the Views Mercedes Sprinter maintenance
  • It was easier to get in and out of the Fuse since it was lower to the ground.
  • The Fuse was less expensive by about $20,000
  • The open floorplan in the Fuse made it seem bigger and more open and airier inside.  The floorplan of the View 24j has this same effect when compared to the View 24v.
When would I recommend a View over the Fuse ?
  • If I was traveling with more than 2 people most of the time.
  • If I was a full timer - The extra storage space outside would be nice.
  • If I was going to tow a car.  The Fuse is limited to sub-compacts even with the latest towing improvements.
  • If I did not want the open floor plan of the Fuse and wanted a defined bedroom and living room.

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  1. I am amazed that no one mentioned the fact that the Trend has a loft bed that lowers over the front part of the RV. That is a very cool feature, and apparently people who have the loft bed are pretty happy with it. It is a really clever design, in our opinion.