Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Every morning while driving into work I listen to our local talk radio station (100.7 WFLA).  Preston Scott is the personality and he does a great job covering local politics and happenings.  But this is a local station and while we are out of town sometimes I want to hear what is going on back in Tallahassee.

Well there is a way to solve this.  A large number of stations can be listened to on an app called iHeartRADIO.   it is available on iPhones, Androids and over the web on a computer.  You just need an internet link.   Even in a campground with poor wifi, I have not had a problem listening.  Since this is audio only, the amount of bandwidth is pretty small.

I am not sure how many radio stations are covered, but if you are wanting some news or familiar sounds from home while you are out you might want to check this app out.


  1. Thanks for all of your insights on the Fuse. You are helping me and my wife as we try to decide what RV will work for us.

    You might want to try the TuneIn Radio app. I find it has more stations than iHeart.

    Keep on enjoying the journey.

    Alan W.

  2. I will have to check it out. I learned about the iHeartRadio service since the host of the morning show mentions it on occasion.