Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Prime Video on the TV Using Just My iPhone

I have Amazon Prime.  Until recently I thought it was just for inexpensive shipping from Amazon.  But a couple of weeks ago I found out you could watch Videos, Movies and the most important part -
a new series called "The Grand Tour" staring Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May.  My favorite folks that were fired from "Top Gear".

I needed to find out how to watch it.  I could watch it on the iPhone, maybe the computer, but that was not the way to watch a fine television program.  As I laugh, I might get stuff all over the screen.  You definitely need distance between you and the screen for this show.  And what is better than to watch a car show than in a motor vehicle.  My Fuse motorhome is the perfect venue.

iPhone HDMI AdpaterHDMI Cable

The simplest solution I found was to connect the iPhone directly to the TV using an HDMI cable.  So what did this take:
iPhone on TV

I connected the HDMI adapter to the iPhone and connected the HDMI cable to the TV.  Then connected the two together and I was in business. Immediately my iPhone screen was replicated on the TV.  

Amazon on TV

I had previously downloaded the Amazon Prime Video app so I started it up.  Picked "The Grand Tour" program and was greeted by a full screen 1080p version of the show on the TV.  It ran fine and it was great to sit in the Fuse and watch the show.

Amazon - The Grand Tour
Amazon - The Grand Tour

I was connected to my house/RV WiFi.  Be very careful watching a show like this using cellular data.  Streaming video is large and could quickly eat up your data allocation.  Also some RV park/public WiFi locations block streaming video so this might not work everywhere.

iPad - Amazon The Grand Tour

Connecting the cable to my iPad worked the same way.  As I get older reading from the small screen of the iPhone is just too hard on the eyes so I have the iPad.

CNN - On TV and iPad

I tried several other streaming video sources as well.  CNN and many of the direct to provider sources ran fine.  The only one that did not was the Comcast/Xfinity streaming app.  It has some programed in limitations that deal with licensing that prevent it from being displayed on anything other than the iPhone/iPad itself.

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