Thursday, November 17, 2016

Water Hoses

I actually carry 3 water hoses in the Fuse.   Two are for drinking water and one is a general purpose hose.   Drinking water is sometimes labeled Potable which is the official term.  There are many water sources labeled "non-potable" so be careful when filling out water tank, you do not want to get sick.

The two potable water hoses are different sizes.   One is a 10' white drinking water hose.  At a campground this is what I use most of the time if I connect.  I usually park close to where the utilities are located so I really do not need anything longer.

I also carry a Blue Camco 22833 25' hose for drinking water.   It claims to be a heavy duty hose and it does not seem to kink as easy as the white one.  I have to use this one when the utilities are located at the rear of the campsite as opposed to on the side.  I also have to use this one when I fill the water tank since the water fill is on the passenger side of the Fuse.  Being on the opposite side of the Fuse it is much further than the 10' white hose can reach.

The third hose I carry is what I call my general purpose/utility hose.  It is a red 25' collapsible hose.   I use this one for around the campsite and for the black water flush.  You don't want to use your potable hoses to clean out the septic tank using the black water flush.  That would immediately turn your drinking water hose into a non-potable hose until it was sanitized.   Even if you don't drink from the faucet, washing your hands might transfer the bad stuff.  I try not to take chances when dealing with septic stuff, the thought alone might make me sick.

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