Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hose Quick Connects

I use hose quick connects. I put them on the ends of the water filter and the hose to make things easier to set up.   Other than the speed of using them to connect there are two other benefits.

The first is that they are easier to screw on and off from the water bib than directly to it.  It seems every time I attach a hose directly to the bib, I wind up twisting the hose all over the place.  With the quick connect this is a non issue.

The second is if you have problems with your hands it is easier to grab hold of the quick connects than the ends of the hose.  I have arthritis in my hands and this really helps.

I do not leave them connected to the water connector on the Fuse.  I am scared I might scrape something and damage the RV.  It only takes a few seconds to take them on and off, and that small penalty not to have to worry is worth it.

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