Sunday, October 6, 2019

Fall 2019 Get Together In Branson

Call it a Get Together, Call it the 2019 Fall Fuse Owners Rally, call it whatever you want but definitely call it fun.  And thanks to Rebecca and Mark Smith for organizing the event.   This was held at the Musicland Kampground in Branson Mo.

So how was it?  It was great!  We had 22 Fuses that were registered and 1 Fuse that just happened into the park and joined us.  They are now members of the group.

The first events were on Friday night and it started with a Pot-Luck dinner.  Lots of food, lots of fellowship and just a great time.   That was followed by Robert Garbe leading a Q&A session on the Fuse.   Then we had musical entertainment by one of our own members, Dan Mobley.

Saturday started out with a breakfast buffet.  We then had an RV Electrical Systems 101 class by Roger Philipsek. After that, Robert Garbe presented a discussion about batteries and why and where Lithium batteries make sense.

After lunch, there was the mod tour.  What is a mod tour you may ask.  That is where everyone shows off the things that have done to their coach to improve and make them their own.  Some people had little like us, some people had made massive changes.   I took note of those folks that had upgraded their coaches with the latest NDQ air conditioners.  Much quieter than my original Mach 10.

After diner on our own (with some friends in our case) we enjoyed additional fellowship and just talking about Fuses.

Sunday was the day the event closed.  It started out with doughnuts and coffee.  Then some closing remarks.    And then we checked out.   Some folks stayed on to explore Branson, others went home and others continued their travels.  Everyone had a great time and were sad to leave their friends behind.

When is the next Get Together you may ask.   Currently Rebecca is planning on having it in Nebraska City, NE the first weekend in May.  Subject to change but definitely worthy of being penciled into the calendar.

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