Saturday, September 29, 2018

2019 Fuse(Y2) changes

Winnebago supplied us with the list of changes for the 2019(Y2) Fuse lineup:

Model Line-up

  • 423A - Carryover, 4/6/18
  • 423T - Carryover, 7/9/18
  • 423F - New, 8/13/18

New Standard Features for Y2
  • New wrap around cab window privacy curtain.  Drop the Covercraft folding window blinds
                                         Wrap around privacy Curtin
  • New lightweight thermoformed construction for all countertops and tables
  • The 423T bed changed to a two piece mattress with a living hinge
  • The standard front TV bracket will hinge on the left side for the 423A & 423F
                                         TV Bracket Change
  • Changed to a water manifold system
  • The optional 1000-watt inverter will be a standard item
  • The DC refrigerators will change to a Danby 110V residential refrigerator
                                         Danby Refrigerator
  • New exterior deluxe graphics design, "Winter Blue"
                                        Winter Blue paint
New Optional Features
  • Optional #41M, Roof Vent, Powered Ventilator Fan, will be a standard Feature
  • Replaced Driftwood woodgrain with Honey Cherry woodgrain

Make sure you understand everything is subject to change without notice.

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