Friday, January 19, 2018

2018.5 Fuse Inverter

A new option for the 2018.5 model year is a 1000w Inverter.   The inverter will allow you to use some of your household appliances while not plugged in to shore power or using the generator.  But it won't power your air conditioner or microwave.

It is a Magnum CSW1012 pure sine wave inverter with a remote on/off switch and a CSWTS-15 transfer switch.  It has a 1000w capacity (or 8.3 110v amps per the specs) and can surge to 2000w for 1 second.    It is a pure sine wave inverter so it should work well with everything and not harm any of your delicate electronics.

You can get lots of information from the manufacturer at:   The manuals and the spec sheet are located in the downloads section there as well.

The inverter is turned on and off with a switch located next to your ONEPLACE control panel.  When turned on, the green light will be on.

Which receptacles are connected to the inverter?  Not all of them are.

On the 24A-
The 110v plugs next to both the front and rear TVs are connected to the inverter.  In addition, the receptacle under the passenger side bed is connected to the inverter as well.

On the 24T-
The 110v plugs next to both the Front and Rear TVs are connected to the inverter.  The 110v receptacle in the front overhead cabinet and the receptacle on the front wall of the bedroom are also on this circuit.

One tip to I want to point out for curious folks,  Winnebago publishes the electrical diagrams/ plumbing diagrams/ manuals and other interesting information.  You can go to and all of that information is there.

I do want to remind everyone that the inverter is not magic.  It puts out 1000 watts.  Your 1500 watt hair dryer will have a problem using the inverter since it will want more than the 1000 watts that inverter has to supply.   If you have the TVs on they will be consuming some of the power from the inverter as well.  Your single serve coffee maker uses around 600 watts and will be fine.

When the inverter is not in use, you should turn it off.  It consumes power when on even if nothing is plugged into it.  The manual says 1.2 DC amps with no load connected.   This is like leaving the lights on in the coach as far as current draw.  It will not kill you, but it will run the battery down if you are not careful.

One last thing I think that you should store away in a back corner of your mind,  the output plug for the inverter is a GFCI.  If you have a problem with all of the receptacles on the circuit not working and nothing else you try to do works the GFCI on the inverter might need to be reset.  Make sure you know how to get to the inverter since it is hidden in behind the pantry in the 23T and under the bed in the 23A.  You will need to pull out a drawer to get to it.   The CSWTS-15 transfer switch will probably keep this from ever happening, but you you should keep this in the back of your head.

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  1. Our 2018.5 was bought used without an inverter. Is the unit prewired for one? Or if I bought an inverter would it have be wired to the TV and an out let.