Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Scenic Mountain RV Park

Scenic Mountain RV Park

For Veterans Day we took a trip to north/middle Georgia.  It is now camping time in the south and it was time to get out and do some exploring.   Our destination this time was Milledgeville, Ga.   Well not really the town, but the Scenic Mountain RV Park and Campground.

The main reason that we took off was to try out the new Sumo Springs (they are great by the way).    Oh, and it was Sonya's birthday.

So we traveled from Tallahassee to Milledgeville on all sorts of roads, 2 lane roads, 4 lane roads and Interstates. The next day we headed north to Commerce, Ga and then back to the campground.   A little different for us since normally we try keep moving, but we were scared that with the holiday weekend spots might be hard to find.  But Scenic Mountain was a nice place to make a base.

After we checked in at the office next to the main road, we drove down the hill and then up to the top to our campsite.  We were in site 13, but not a problem.  Sonya's birthday is November 13 and we were celebrating and that looked like a good omen.

Winnebago Fuse Scenic Mountain RV Park

Everything we saw was in good repair and the place was spotless.   Our site could have accommodated a 40-50' Prevost, so our Fuse looked rather small on the site.  The site was level  all the way from the front to the rear so we parked near the rear to stay close to the utilities.

Every spot had a nice table, fire ring and plenty of space to walk Lily and explore.  The one thing that was missing was a grill.  Not to worry since we always have our UCO Flat Pack Grill.  The first night we had steak and mashed potatoes and enjoyed talking to our neighbors around the fire.

The next morning we got out and drove some more.  We explored Milledgeville and headed up to Athens and Commerce Ga to see what we could see.    On the way back we stopped at the Farmview Market just South of Madison, Ga.  A really nice grocery store with lots of locally produced items.  The butcher shop was wonderful.  And connected to this is a Cafe.  Unfortunately we missed it by 5 minutes (we stopped just after 3:00) but the menu looked wonderful.

Scenic Mountain RV Park

Back to the Campground.  There is a pool, clubhouse and a fishing pond.  The showers were spotless and overall it was just a super nice place.

RV Dump Station Tifton Rest Area I-75

On the way back to Tallahassee we stopped at a rest stop on I-75 above Tifton, and low and behold what did they have - a RV dump station.   Florida used to have these at a number of places but have been taking them out.  We will have to remember this for the future.

We got back home and decided that the Sumo Springs were definitely worth it.  A much better ride.   We drove 650 miles.  The mileage was between 15-16mpg traveling at speeds from 45-75.   And Sonya had a Happy Birthday in the Fuse.

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