Sunday, April 2, 2017

Winnebago Fuse Owners Facebook Statistics

I changed the Facebook group from open to closed.   All this means is that you have to join the group to read the contents.  

This seems to be a good time to provide a status report on the group.  So to see where are and where we go from here.  It is time to get some statistics.

The "Winnebago Fuse Owners" Facebook group was started on 4/19/2016 and we changed it from open to closed on 4/2/2017.  The this around 11 months in operation.

We have had:
      767 posts
      126 authors
      154 commentators
      216 reactors
   3,000+ reactions

The two most commented posts both had 34 comments:
   The first one was by Lynn Hawkins and her meeting with the winnebago product team
   The second one was Patsy Stair and the problems she had with her Fuse order

And just so you get a since of activity in the group, a tool from provided this graph.  It gives a representation of daily activity in the group

Winnebago Fuse Owners Group Statistics

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