Thursday, March 23, 2017

Fuse Air Filter

Well it is Spring and time for some general cleaning and maintenance.   One of those things that has been on my list for a while is to inspect and possibly replace the engine air filter.

I have had diesel engines in vehicles for the last 15 years.  I am not a mechanic, but the one thing I do know is that if you want to keep a diesel happy you need to feed it clean fuel, clean oil and clean air. As long as you do these things it will last forever and run great.

My Fuse has about 10,000 miles on it now and when I had the oil changed at 5,000 miles I did not look at the air filter personally.  I doubt the oil folks took much of a look at it either.  So I wanted to take a look.  I also wanted to knock out anything in it since here in Tallahassee, the pollen is horrible in the Spring.

Before I did this, I purchased a new filter in case I needed one.    I got mine from Amazon.   It is a Motorcraft FA1916 Air Filter and was reasonably priced.   I thought about purchasing a K&N 33-5024 Replacement Air Filter.  It provides better air flow and will improve power and mileage.  I have a K&N in my Ford diesel truck and got 2mpg more than the stock Ford air filter.  In this case I decided to say with the Motorcraft parts.  The price difference was just not worth it.

Motorcraft Air FilterFA-1916 Air Filter

Before you start you need a Torx T-20 screwdriver or bit for a ratchet.  I point this out in case you do not have one handy.  It is not something in every toolbox.

Torx bit

I found out quickly this was not going to be the easiest task.   Everything is pretty tight in the engine compartment and the air filter is tucked up in the left hand side.  So I got started.  

I first took a look at the owners guide.  It lays out the steps pretty good.  In my book it was on page 232.  Call me chicken, but I am learning to at least take a glance at the manual before you get deep into a project.

Winnebago Fuse engine air filter

There were several steps.    Read the manual, it is really good about the steps needed.
  1. Disconnect the big hose on top. (needed a standard screwdriver to loosen the clamp)
  2. Take out the air flow sensor.  2 screws hold it in. (needed a T-20 torx driver)
  3. Take off the air hose under the air filter top.  You need to pull firmly.
  4. Pop the 2 clamps on the front of the filter housing
  5. Push in a latch on the front top right hand side while lifting up slightly 
  6. Pull slightly forward and then lift right off
But Huston, we had a problem.   I could not get the air filter cover out of the space.  There was just no way to twist it to get it out and no advice in the manual.   After staring at the problem for a few minutes I figured it out.   You had to take loose the window washer fill tube.  You know that tube with the blue cap in the photo.  It uses the same T-20 torx screw as well.  I took it loose, pushed it slightly to the side and then the cover could come right out.

2017 Winnebago Fuse Air Filter

After 10,000 miles the filter was pretty clean.  No need to replace it.  Well I swapped it with the new one anyhow.   I had it, so why not.  I put the used one on the shelf in case I need it later.  I like having a spare air filter on the shelf.  I have an entire selection of filters for the F-250 but that took a while to collect.

I then put it all back together.   You really do need to check the air filter on a regular basis so the scraped knuckles were worth it.


  1. You really put together a comprehensive and informative piece about air filters. I completely agree with your ideas about how to keep a diesel engine of the RV happy. So many people miss the boat when it comes to maintenance, but if you want things to do right by you, then you need to do the upkeep. Oh, and I'm sorry about your knuckles.

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