Friday, November 4, 2016


Poncho Liner

A woobie generally refers to a child's security blanket.  For people who have been around the military, a woobie is a poncho liner.  And to most people who have had one, they view them and guard them just like their childhood blanket.    The first one I ever had was brought home to me on one of my dad's trips to Vietnam.  It got lost on one of our many moves but I have one that is over 30 years old on the foot of the bed.  It is better today then when it was new.

Why is the infamous poncho liner so prized?  It is just very thin polyester batting quilted into a nylon cover.  But the more you use it, the softer the it gets.  It is very light but is always warm enough to take the perfect nap.  It is 82"x62" so even a large person can wrap up.  And more important, it breaths.

When we got the Fuse, the dealer gave us a thin blanket as part of a promotion they were running.  We used it once or twice but it is not a woobie.  I decided to get a woobie to leave in the Fuse.

Poncho Liner

The one I wound up with was Rothco Government Poncho Liner, Woodland Camo from Amazon.  It came and was brand new.  And stiff.  We crunched it, laid on it, sat on it and after a couple of weeks it was as soft as a beagle ear.   Just like my older one.  And it is perfect for napping.

It still has not made it out permanently to the Fuse.  It is on the couch in the family room.  It is just too perfect not to use it daily.  And my daughter steals it half of the time.  We bring it with us when we go out in the Fuse but it follows us back in.

Get one from Amazon.  Get one from your local surplus store.  Find one in the back of your closet.  But take my recommendation and get one.  Its worth it.

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