Friday, August 12, 2016

Naples Kitchen Frozen Entrees

When I find something that is good and I can cook in the Fuse that is easy,  I will point it out.   One thing we found are some frozen entrees from Naples Kitchen.   They are available at Walmart and I verified on vacation it was not just a Florida thing.  We saw them as far away as Columbus, Ohio.  They are also available at various other stores including Costco.

Naples Kitchen Frozen Entree

At Walmart they are in with the Frozen TV dinners. We have had several of the chicken and beef dishes and they have all been good.  Our favorite so far has been the Hawaiian Style Chicken.   On a bed of rice it is great.   There is enough meat and sauce in the package for 2 people to have 2 meals when served on some rice.  The leftovers taste pretty good as well.  Price for the larger containers is $12.98.

Cooking it is easy.  It even comes with a plastic serving container.  You poke some holes in the bag  that it comes in and into the microwave it goes.  I believe the large container for the Hawaiian Chicken says 7 minutes.   In the microwave at home it  takes about double the amount of time indicated in the instructions.  In the Fuse microwave it was definitely double what the cooking instructions said.


  1. Will check it out Don rv still at dealer 3 weeks now.

  2. Will check it out Don rv still at dealer 3 weeks now.

  3. Hello Don,
    I've been reading some of your blog. I'm currently getting ready to purchase either the Trend or Fuse. Downsizing from a class A, wife will not drive it. Your concerns on these two units are what I'm going through now. Because I too am in Florida (Cape Coral) I can tell you the AC unit will get a great deal of work which means the genny will be called on regularly. Although the Fuse has that cargo capacity it has that LP genny and 13 - 15 hours of use won't cut it for me. The reason Winnebago probably did not put a diesel genny in there was because of price and weight. Looked at the Trend 23L today and it has some short comings as well (placement of the genny and house batteries) but it does have a gas genny working from the main chassis tank. Make sure you keep on that oil this biofuel is killing a once great engine. Like to discuss more with you for the life of me I can't see where you placed a contact box? I keep viewing your blog. If you here from anyone giving you insight to the Trend let me know.

  4. Do they make a Diesel Generator that will fit under the Fuse? If you know of one, let me know. I am currently under the impression from my research that there is not one that is that small and the EPA will let you use.

    Biofuel on my 2001 F250 is making me replace the fuel filter twice as fast. It seems to eat the o-ring and then it leaks.

    You can email me at dgpace at I would be happy to discuss what went into our decision.

    It took us two years so I understand. But remember that picking out a motorhome is a individual choice and though we love our Fuse, when I hit the lottery I will have a custom Fuse built with half a dozen changes to make it perfect, and then do it again and again :-)

  5. Don, I read that a comprable small diesel generator is heavier, a bit larger, a little lower watts, and a couple thousand more. This may slow down its introduction. I have another question for you......if you subscribe to Sirius radio as part of the ford cab radio
    is there anyway to get it into to coach sound system ?

  6. As far as Sirius - Not that I have been able to figure out. It would be nice however

  7. I loved the Hawaiian Chicken too! But, neither Walmart or Costco carry this any longer. Are they still in business?