Saturday, June 11, 2016

Graceville, Florida

Winnebago Fuse, Graceville, FL

Today we took the Fuse to Graceville, Florida.   Why Graceville?  It is Family reunion time.  More specifically it is the time of year for my father-in-laws extended family to have their 69th annual reunion.   The group this year consisted of over 100 people coming to the Graceville Civic Center.  An age range from 7 months to people in their 90s.

Friday night I plugged the Fuse into the house electric.  This was to let the refrigerator cool down overnight and to run the Air Conditioner to mostly de-humidify the Fuse for our travels on Saturday.  15 amps from the house is enough power for both but I would not add anything else.  For that you need the full 30amps.

I used the 30 amp 10 gauge extension cord with an 15amp adapter to get to the house power.   I have tried this with my orange extension cord rated for 13 amps in the past and it worked, but I noticed with the A/C running the the cord got hot which is a very bad sign.  I now use the heavy 30amp cord and all is fine.

We loaded up the Fuse, including the Beagle, and off we went carrying various foods we prepared at home.  We brought an awesome Rum Pound Cake.  Put a crock pot in the sink carrying the meatballs.  We also had a potato casserole and in the RV refrigerator a watergate salad.  And off we went.

We had a great time.  We ran the generator for 3+ hours so the Beagle could stay cool inside the Fuse.  The temperatures outside were in the mid 90's and with the A/C on low cool turned most of the way up,  the Fuses internal temperature stayed at 75 degrees.  We did put up the front sunshade but left rest of the blinds up so she could look out.

Map,Bradfordville, Fl to Graceville, FL

We re-confirmed that traveling in the Fuse is great.  Going over we stopped at a rest stop and had some cool ice water with ice from the freezer and water from the refrigerator.  Going back we stopped and took a 20 minute nap at the rest stop outside of Chattahoochee.  The Fuse actually makes travel fun and relaxing.

I am noticing that my driving style is much different in Fuse.  When I drive a car I am keeping up with traffic and leading the pack.  In the Fuse I set the cruise control to 68mph and let people pass me to their hearts content.  I am driving my way, relaxed and in no hurry.

The round trip distance was 210 miles.  We traveled mostly on the Interstate.  We did have a 10 minute delay waiting for a train to pass in downtown Chipley.  Temperatures going over were in the mid 90s and coming back in the low 80s and rain.   I mostly set the cruise control to 68.   We got 15.8mpg.

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