Thursday, May 5, 2016

Ft. Wilderness Trip #3

Walt Disney World Entrance

This weekend we went to Ft. Wilderness again.   We had a great time.

I will let everyone in on my new secret.  We stayed in site 432 and it was perfect.  Right across the street from the bath house.   Close to the settlement.  Some sun and some shade.  About 50%.  Great wifi inside and outside of the Fuse.

Winnebago Fuse 23aWinnebago Fuse 23a

We checked in a little after lunch on Saturday.   Saturday it was Sonya  and myself driving down in the RV.  Both kids met us down there in the car since my daughter had to come back Sunday for work.   We had a great time Saturday night and we all went to the Magic Kingdom on Sunday.

Now for the twist,  I had a meeting in Tampa on Monday and had my daughter bring me there on her way back to Tallahassee Sunday afternoon.  She dropped me off and my wife and son stayed in the Motorhome at Disney.  They had a pleasant night.   Once I was finished with my meeting I rented a car, dropped it off at a hotel across from Disney Springs and caught the bus back to Ft. Wilderness.   Worked out great.

Spent the next 2 days (Tuesday and Wednesday) doing our normal Disney things and came home.   We had a great time.

This has been the longest so far staying in the Motorhome.  4 days.  We made out fine.    It was hot,  95 degrees or better but we were OK inside once we put up the sunshades.

Going down the Fuse got 14mpg.   I had the cruise control set to 69mph.   Conditions were sunny and 85-95 degrees.  The fuel came from the Murphy station near my house.

Coming back up I got 15.7mpg.  I had the cruise control set to 65mph.  Conditions were raining 1/2 of the way and the temperature was 70-80 degrees.  The fuel was from the Speedway station located at the entrance of the Magic Kingdom.  I paid $2.05/gal and that was on the low side for diesel in the area.   It was .10 cheaper than regular gas.

Now for what we learned.

  • The Fuse sleeps 3 at best.   The first night my son set up a tent behind the Fuse and slept there.  No way 4 adults can fit in the Fuse 23a.  It is a really tight fit just the 4 of us sitting in the cool.  Once my daughter left, we had enough space to accommodate the 3 of us fine.
  • It was hot.   The A/C can keep up if the shades are covering the front windows.  The other place that heat was coming in was from the bathroom skylight.   I will have to rig a shade or something for that as well.  Otherwise low cool, turned up all of the way kept the unit at 70 degrees with the bathroom door closed half way.
  • The comments on yahoo groups were right.  The A/C needs louvers to point more of the cool air down into the coach as opposed to most along the roof.
  • The MAXAIR fan has a setting for ceiling fan.  Basically runs with the vent closed.   When we tried it was just wasting electricity.  No air moving from it.  The little USB fans we purchased mixed the air way better.
  • We are still overpacking
  • There is now almost no water pressure in the front sink.  Not sure what is wrong but I will have to look into that or bring it to the dealer.  I think there is probably some construction crud in the system blocking the water to the faucet.  It has a nice hose that is getting no pressure so it is at the faucet or behind.
  • We are getting better at setup.  It took one shot to back into the space and then 10 min to get the electrical, CATV, water and then the chairs under the awning.
  • The awning works great.  We had some rain and it kept things dry.  And it kept the sun out as well.
  • The blue light coming from the USB ports are getting even more annoying.  Had to put tape over them but could still not get all of the light blocked.   Will have to get more creative with the tape.  They used real good blue LEDs.
  • The sofa bed has a hard spot.  Ask my son.  He complained about it, but managed to sleep pretty good in spite of it.
  • We went through about a gallon of drinking water a day and we were not in the coach much.  Need to remember to get extra when we make stops.  Funny thing is that at the Disney store a 32oz water in a bottle was $3.50 where a gallon of water in a milk jug was $3.25.  Got the same water in town for $1.00/gal at Walmart.

Overall, A very good trip and a very good time by all.

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