Monday, May 8, 2017

Get Together Questions - Ford Answers to our Questions

Joe King from Ford took back our questions from the Get Together and got them all answered.  Here are the official responses:

Question: Why is so hard to check the air in the inside rear tires?
Answer: No productions changes are planned but will inquire with Ford Genuine Accessories to see if this concern can be addressed with the use of valve stem extensions.
Addressed access with change in chrome wheel, 2018 model will have a polished aluminum wheel.

Question: Does raising the ground clearance void the Ford Factory Warranty?
Answer: It depends. If there is an issue and the Dealer determines the issue was caused by changes made to the Factory suspension, then the failed parts would not be covered under the Ford Factory Warranty.

Question: Can the Fuse be retrofit for SYNC 3?
Answer: No, SYNC 3 cannot be retrofit into prior model year vehicles.

Question: Are there other tire size options?
Answer: No other tire sizes are available on the 2017MY DRW Transit. Ford will consider this as we look at future model changes

Suggestion: Add some type of screening to window valley under wipers where leaves collect.
Answer: Pictures of this concern were shared with Ford engineering. Will also inquire with Ford Genuine Accessories to see if this concern can be addressed.

Question: Since the A/C on the transit will cool the entire vehicle what is the fuel consumption per hour when idling.
Answer: We have asked our engineering team about this. Diesel vehicles are known to consume less fuel during idle as compared to a gasoline engine but excessive length of idle may increase the need for DPF regeneration.

Question: Parking Break
Answer: 2018 Transit will have different parking break. After applying the parking break, the lever can be pushed down to allow RV installed swivel seats to function properly.

Question:  push button start
Answer: Push Button Start is not currently available but will be considered on future model year changes.

Question:  2nd alternator
Answer: A 2nd alternator is not currently available but will be considered on future model year changes.

Question: Did Ford add the extra inch of clearance and could it be back fitted to
earlier models?
Answer: Suspension changes were made to the 2017MY Transit. Changes included front and rear suspension changes to use an existing Calibration for stability control. Ford Motor Company does not recommended retrofitting prior model year Transit vehicles as this would require front, rear suspension and an ESC module change.

Question: Is TPMS available from Ford? Issue is the dual wheels on the rear.
Answer: TPMS is not available on 2017MY DRW Transit. Consideration will be given on future model year changes.

Question: The seat rails are extremely sharp on the seat corners. People are being hurt and being cut when they rub against them.
Answer: We have asked our Kansas City Assembly Plant and engineering team to check into this but we are not clear if Winnebago fits their own seat rails when they build the Fuse Motorhome.

Question: Is the Transit speed governed?
Answer: Speed Governed is available as an option for Fleet customers.

The maintenance schedule shows to change the fuel filter at 30,000 miles. Advised this is correct depending on the driving conditions. Another owner mentioned to use the Motorcraft Cetane.

Questions regarding where these units can be serviced at a Ford Dealer. Advised of the Commercial Vehicle Center => Locate a Dealer.  These dealers will have the resources (certified techs, heavier lifts and tools) to work on these units.

FordPass is an available app for their smart phone. FordPass can assist with Ford recall information and to have direct access with the repairing Ford dealership.

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