Saturday, May 6, 2017

Get Together in the Smokies - After the Talks and Going Home

After the talks from Winnebago and Ford, everyone split up to show off there Fuses.   Both Lee from Winnebago and Joe from Ford went around and talked to everyone about their units.  They saw their mods, asked about what they liked and did not like and got lots of feedback.

Winnebago and Ford sent great people to talk with us and showed us that they care about the products.

We had a pizza party to close the event.  In addition to the pizza we still had left overs from the pot luck the night before.  The pizza from Cobbly Nob Cafe & Pizza was good and everyone went away with plenty to eat and drink.  

Kelly, the campground owner arranged for music that night.   The group was Dalton Gray and the Space Cowboys.  They sang for about an hour and it was great.

Dalton Gray and the Space Cowboys

We even had more togetherness than we planned.  It started to rain and blow, and it forced us all to group together in a tight bunch under the porch.  It might have rained, but it did not dampen our fun.

I know I stayed under the porch several hours after the singing stopped talking with folks.  Then I spent another couple of hours showing Lee from Winnebago what we had done in our Fuse.  It was another night where I did not get to bed until midnight.   But it was worth it and I had a blast.

Sonya and I got up the next morning and had to head for home. I would have loved to stay longer with our Fuse family but I had to get back to work.   It was still raining but it had slacked off to a sprinkle/mist as we packed up.  There were lots of good byes as we started to pull out.

It had been one of the best times I had had so far in the Fuse.  So many friends were made.  I do not know if that is quite right.  We were all friends in the Facebook group before we got here.  It really was like a family reunion.

Then we headed back to Tallahassee.  And the rain came.   It took 11 hours to get home.  It should have taken around 9, but the weather did not cooperate.   It rained the first 9 hours.  The part we traveled down I-75 from Macon, GA to Tifton, GA was scary.  Leaves blowing out of trees on one side of the Interstate  making it past the median into the North bound lanes.  I saw a low hanging cloud to the West and I asked Sonya to look and make sure it was not a tornado.  Given how it was blowing I would not have been surprised.  On the other hand, the Fuse just bebopped down the road ignoring the gusts.

Driving Home in the RainDriving in the rain

Driving in the Smokies in the rain

Once we got on US-319 the weather cleared up.   It was a was nice drive the rest of the way home.

Because of the stop and go driving coming back I got 16.1 mpg for the first tank that was all in the rain and mountains.  I got 16.5 mpg for the second tank that 2/3rds of the driving in reasonable weather.

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