Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Camco Water Tank Filler

Someone was complaining about it being difficult to fill up the Fuse water tank.  Getting water into the fill hole is a little challenging unless you just shove the hose down into it.  It wants to splash back as it fills.   Pushing a potentially dirty hose down into the fresh water tank is not something I really want to do. 

I have been using a 1' piece of hose that came with my water filter for this.  My issue has been that it it a two person job.  There was no way to turn off the water remotely.    That is where the Camco 40003 Water Tank Filler comes in.  

Camco water tank filler

This ~$5.00 widget solves the common problems I pointed out.  First it has a shutoff so that when you are ready to turn off the water you can do it right there.  With the shutoff you can also slow down the flow of water if it is coming too fast.

Camco water filler shutoff

There is no need to have your partner over at the spigot to turn it on and off.   No need to run over there if your partner is unable to help.  My experience is half the time the hose tries to back its way out of the receptacle, falling on the ground and getting dirty.

 It is clear so you can make sure it is clean before using it. It is 8 inches long and once inserted it down in the system so the water does not spurt back up.

Camco water tank filler

I won't say that this is an absolute necessary accessory.   You can still just fill the tank with the hose.  But if you are traveling alone or have to take of the utilities by yourself, it makes filling the tank a whole lot easier and is well worth the low price.


  1. This is a good idea. Of course I will have to jump onto Amazon and buy it, as I do with most of your helpful hints. I really like the windshield sunblock/privacy screen that folds up small.

  2. I am glad it helps. We really like the sunshade much better than the stock window block from Winnebago. Way less of a hassle to put up and take down.

    Appreciate your feedback as well. I sometimes wonder if these little articles on gadgets help.