Friday, May 12, 2017

Collapsable Bucket

We are always looking for things that can make being in the Fuse more comfortable.  I always want to find things that are light, take up little space and are multi-tasking.   The silicone collapsible bucket that Sonya purchased hits all of those points.

Blue Sky Gear Bucket

Sonya bought me this one for our anniversary back in April.   As normal, we thought we were on to something special, but others had found our discovery way before us.  At the Get Together we saw several couples with these buckets.  The best use I saw was one being used as ice bucket for cooling beer & wine.

Collapsable Bucket ice bucket

These buckets are available from various outlets.   The brand we purchased was from "Blue Sky Gear".   It is similar to many others out there.   Ours holds 5 liters or about 1.3 gallons.   There are ones out there that are twice the size holding 10 liters.  

Blue Sky Gear Collapsable Bucket

All of them fold up flat taking up very little space, about an inch high.   Ours is 12" in diameter at the mouth and weighs just under a pound.    Interestingly, the 10 liter bucket is just an inch in diameter bigger.  The price is a wash.  Either size bucket is available on Amazon for around $10.00.

Collapsable bucket insideCollapsable bucket inside collapsed

These silicone buckets are fairly sturdy.  I remember the rubber coated cloth buckets from back in the day.   Though they would hold water, they always collapsed at the most inopportune time and made a mess.   This bucket won't do that.  Once opened up it takes a little finesse to get it folded back down.  I don't think that it would flop down under its own weight.  You pushed with some force.

It is a pretty handy device to keep in the Fuse.   

You can find the 10 liter bucket on Amazon at Southern Homewares Foldable Silicone Collapsible Bucket, 2.65 gallon.

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