Monday, May 15, 2017

Fuses for the Fuse

Something you should carry in your Fuse are a few spare fuses.  I have put a couple of assorted sized in my tool box, but you may just want to put a couple in your glove box if you don't have a tool box.


This raises a question of where are the fuses located and what sizes do I need?

The fuses in a Fuse are used for the 12v system and the circuit breakers are for the 110v system.  Almost everything in the Fuse are on the 12V system other than the A/C, refrigerator, the 110v receptacles, the 110v to 12v converter and the microwave.

The circuit breakers are easy to reset, just flip the switch.  To fix a popped fuse you need a replacement.  The fuses are ATO type, also known as standard or regular, which are the most common you will find.  There are different types of fuses in the Ford Transit portion of the vehicle.  It uses an assortment of different types.   A helpful reference on automotive fuse types is at wikipedia.

Winnebago Fuse 23a Fuse panel

On the 23A, the power panel which has both the circuit breakers and the fuses is located at the foot of the passenger side bed.    On the 23T the power panel is located across the aisle from the kitchen.   To access it, you just pop the plastic cover off.

Winnebago Fuse Fuse boxWinnebago Fuse fuse box open

Inside you have fuses on one side and circuit breakers on the other.

Winnebago Fuse Circuit Breakers and Fuses

Remember if you ever need to replace a fuse, replace it with one of the same size.  If you put a bigger size in you can create a fire hazard.  The fuses are there to protect the electric devices, you and your coach from damage.

So what sizes should I carry with me in case I need one?   The Fuse uses:
  • 5 amp
  • 15 amp
  • 20 amp
So I am carrying a couple of each.  There are a couple of devices in the Fuse such as the slide controller that has a fuse in the device.  It uses one of these standard size fuses as well.

15 amp fuse

Here is the funny problem.  It is almost as cheap to buy 120 assorted sizes as it is to buy a pack of 5 of one size.   So buy a pack of assorted sizes and pull out 3 or 4 of each type you need and put them in a zip lock bag.  Share the rest with some friends or look in your other vehicles to see if you have some already.   These are just standard automotive fuses.

An assortment is available from Amazon at: RamPro 120 Pc Car Truck Boat Fuses Assortment Kit - 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 AMP - Regular Standard APR/ATO (Open)/ATS Fuses

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