Sunday, January 22, 2017

Winnebago Fuse - Top Questions

We spent a few hours at the Tampa RV show talking with folks about the Winnebago Fuse while sitting in a 2017.5 Fuse 23a.  Sonya and I had a great time doing it.

These were the most common questions we got:

Q: Gas or Diesel ?
A: It is a Diesel -  It is built on a Ford Transit 350HD with the I-5 Power Stroke Diesel engine

Q: What kind of mileage do you get ?
A: 15-17mpg in the flats of Florida running down the Interstate at 70 mph.   You can do better if you drive slower.  Our Fuse did not slow down or have any problems going up and down the mountains in WV, TN, KY, VA, GA this summer.

Q: What about DEF ? 
A: Not an issue.   You can look at the message center and see when you are down to half a tank.  It will put a nag message up when you have to add more.  I got about 3000 miles before it said it was at half.  It adds a penny or two to the cost per mile.   You can go down to Walmart and get more DEF and add it yourself.  The filler is just below where you add diesel fuel so it is very easy to do.

Q: How much can it tow ? 
A: The latest Fuse has a 5000 lbs hitch, but can only tow 3000-3500 pounds safely.  The original Fuse had a 2000 lbs hitch.  Winnebago wanted to make sure there was plenty of margin so that a new/careless user could not break the vehicle.

Q: What kind of car do you tow ? 
A: We don't tow.  We purchased the Fuse since it was small and maneuverable and we would not have to.  There are folks in the Facebook group that do tow.

Q: How easy is it to drive ?
A: It is easier to drive than my F-250 pickup truck.  It is a little narrower than the pickup and just 3 feet longer.   Sonya will drive the Fuse, but not the pickup if that says anything.  She drives a Nissan Pathfinder normally and has no problems.  It can go a little fast, so you need to watch your speed.
(Sonya's added comments - I noticed that many women who were first time buyers were a bit intimidated with the idea of driving a RV.   This was me until a couple of months ago, so it was nice to talk about how easily it handled and fun it was to drive.)

Q: How many people can it sleep ? 
A: I generally tell people the Fuse 23a is a 2 + 1 + dog motorhome.  Meaning it sleeps 2 people + the dog very comfortably.  You can take an extra adult on occasion with you, but it gets a little tight.   4 adults are just too many.

Q: What about storage ? 
A: Take a look, there is lots.   Inside and outside there is plenty of storage.   Don't overlook the storage under the driver's side bed.

Q: How do you use your Fuse ? 
A:  Generally we are on the go.  We don't use the slide unless we are going to be somewhere for a few days.   We generally only use the TV over the bed since when we stop we are ready to start winding down for the day.  We love the twin beds since we can stop at a rest stop and take naps in the middle of the day.  We searched for a twin bed model since we thought that if each of us had a small  private/personal space we would be able to deal with the close quarters better.  The ability to raise the head of the beds makes it comfortable to relax on them anytime of day.

Q: You told me about all of the good parts, so what are the bad parts of the Fuse ? 
A: There are no real bad parts but there are some things that Winnebago needs to improve.  The air conditioner is noisy like a window unit in a house. The generator is noisy.  The USB plugs have a blue light that is too bright.  The good thing is that Winnebago is listening to its customers.  Many early issues have already been corrected on the 2017.5 model which is the Fuse we were sitting in.

Q: What are some of the things the sales folks are not telling us about/pointing out:   
A: Froli sleep system; Storage under the drivers side bed; Solar; USB plugs everywhere; Bike rack.

Q: The Fuse seems a little too big/small 
A: Take a look at the Travato or the View if the Fuse seems too big/small.  Winnebago and the other manufacturers make lots of models so there are lots of options.  You need to decide how you are going to use the motorhome and then find one that fits your needs.  We took two years to figure it out so take your time and make a good decision.

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