Monday, January 9, 2017

A Start on 2017 - Happy New Year

Hi and a Happy New Year to all.

The holidays are over.  Work is back to its normal ebb and flow at the University now that all of the students are back for the Spring semester.   Family duties are just as crazy as normal, but at least they are back to the standard crazy as opposed to Christmas crazy.

I just had a couple of things to let everyone know where we are heading (until we change our minds)

1)  Tampa RV show -   AKA : The Florida RV SuperShow .    Sonya and I are going to be there on Thursday and Friday January 19 and 20 for anyone who wants to meet up face to face.   I will try and find a central spot and post information on the Facebook group for anyone who is interested.

2) The "Get Together in the Smokies" is still on for  Saturday April 22 and 23.   We should have the campground picked out in the next week or two.   Luckily the places we had been looking at all survived the fires and we just need to hammer a stake in the ground.  Sometimes that is easier said than done.

3)  Sorry for the lack of posts.  I have been working on a bigger project for the group.  A pamphlet on how I am doing the WiFi in our coach.  It started out as a couple of blog posts and quickly morphed into 50 pages.   I will be posting the "version 1.0" copy of it in the next week since I am in the last edits and am about ready to turn it loose.   I warn everyone up front that this will be a work in progress so feedback will be welcomed.

4) Santa was really good to us so we will have some reviews on induction cook tops, spice jars and a couple of other things that were left under our Christmas tree.

And maybe just maybe we will have a couple of trip reports including a trip report from Sonya on a girls weekend out in the Winnebago Fuse.

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