Saturday, October 22, 2016

Tire gauge for the Fuse

Dually tires

Keeping the tires properly inflated on any vehicle is important.  On the Fuse there are 6 tires that need to be looked after.  The two in the front are easy.  Just like on a car.  The 4 on that back are a little different.  They are commonly referred to as  a "dually".  These are good since they allow the Fuse to carry more weight.  They do require a couple of different tools to do the upkeep.

Air Gauge
Milton S-976 from Amazon

To keep the tires at the proper inflation you need to be able to measure how much pressure is in the tire.  To do this you need a "dual head chuck" air gauge.   Not a big deal.   I own a  Milton S-976 Dual Head Chuck Service Gauge.   It can be had for $15 from Amazon.  You can also get smaller ones and larger ones from various places.   The most important part is that it has the "dual head"  That way you can get the pressure on the tire stems pointing in and the stems that point out.

Checking tire pressure

It is fairly easy to use.  Just use the top opening to get pressures when the tire stem is pointing out.  For the outside tire where the tire stem points in, use the bottom opening and just pull the gauge to you.   Not a big deal.   The correct tire pressures (the front and back may be different, so check) are listed inside the front drivers side door.   Check to see what your inflation pressure should be.

Take note: on the Fuse the tire pressure for the front tires is different than the pressure for the rear tires.  This is different from a car where pressures are generally the same all around.

So if your tire is low what do you do:

Well any tire shop, truck stop, etc will be able to fix you up.  They all have dual head tire inflators.   A normal gas station/convenience store might not, but a real service station will.   Also note that the pressures you need to inflate the tires is between 60-70psi.   Not all tire inflators/compressors will go this high since it is much higher than a car tire.

If you have roadside service call them.  They are set up to help.  I am sort of old school and have a problem bothering the roadside service folks if it is a fix I can handle.  I know I pay them to come out,  but I feel embarrassed to have to call them for the simple stuff and I hate the wait.

If you have nice compressor in the garage like I do you may want to buy your own inflater.  For years I have had a dual head air chuck that came with my compressor.   I used it on the Fuse once and decided I needed something better.  I needed one with a built in gauge.  Going back and forth between the gauge and the inflator got old real fast.

EPAuto Air inflator
EPAuto Dual Head Tire Inflator from Amazon

I purchased an EPAuto Commercial Grade Dual Head Tire Inflator Gauge with 12" Air Hose.   Amazon had them for $25, but I saw them other places for about the same.  I had used one at several places in the past and they worked well. I felt good going with this.  I had to add a quick connect to the bottom of the inflator to easily connect and disconnect from my air hose on the compressor but then I was off.

I am carrying a small air compressor in the Fuse and have put the older air chuck without a gauge with it.  If I have to use it for filling a tire it will be an emergency and exact pressures won't be an issue.  Getting to the next tire store down the road will be the priority.


  1. Hi Don,

    Which air compressor do you carry with you in your RV?



  2. I got a Q Industries HV40A2 as a gift for my birthday. I am still testing it but it says it will do 150psi. Not ready to recommend or not recommend as of yet.