Saturday, October 15, 2016

Curly's Pulled Pork & Bob Evans Mac & Cheese

We keep looking for food that we can easily cook in the Fuse, but does not heat up the living space.   For lunch during our exploration of Hales Landing we brought along a couple of things we wanted to try out.

Today, Publix (a regional supermarket chain) Curly's Sauceless Pulled Pork was on sale.  This was located in the meat section but was not frozen.  The microwave safe container held 12oz of nice pulled pork in a vacuumed sealed bag.  To me the best part was that there was NO BBQ sauce on the meat.  Sometimes the sauce is all you taste.  In this case, it was all meat.

It was very easy to prepare.  Remove the meat from the vacuumed sealed bag.  Place it in the supplied container and microwave for 2-3 min.  Mix the meat up and microwave again for 1 min and it is ready.  Using the Fuse microwave,  these instructions worked fine.

I then fixed the Bob Evans Macaroni & Cheese.  It was on sale as for $3.00 and located in the same section of the market as the pulled pork.   It was easy to fix in the microwave as well.  Open a corner of the container to allow to vent.  Microwave for 3 minutes and then stir.  Microwave for another couple of minutes and it was ready to serve.

We served dinner on our finest paper plates with some sour dough bread.  Both dishes came out very good.  We are definitely going to add this to our motorhome dining choices.  There were both slightly on the salty side but tasty.  Neither had that twang that often comes with pre-prepared food.  

These do have to be stored refrigerated so it is not something to pack for a long trip.  But the way we traveled over the summer, we definitely could pick these up in the morning and then cook that evening or the next day without consuming too much room in the refrigerator.  We will definitely be eating this again on our travels.   

How healthy? Not very, but no worse than fast food. 

On another positive, there was enough leftovers for the two of us to have two meals.  Lily even enjoyed the meal, but she enjoys almost anything.

(Sonya's note:  These are my favorite types of meals - good hearty meals that Don can fix while I am out walking the dog and have ready for us when we get back.  Better yet, he is great at clean-up.)

Update 10/29/16

Curly's was back on sale today at Publix.  2 for  $6.99.  This time I got the sauceless pulled chicken.  Even better than the pork.    Very good, moist but not wet.  

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