Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hales Landing GA - Lake Seminole

Fuse at Hales Landing

We decided to go and do some exploring in the Fuse today.   We started out heading for Cordele, Ga.   As we were heading down the road I changed my mind and headed for Fort Gaines, GA on the Alabama border.   So we headed up US-27 and we were on our way.

We got to Bainbridge and it was lunch time.  We saw a sign for Seminole State Park and headed in that direction to stop and eat lunch.  On the way, we saw a sign for a Corps of Engineers (COE) recreation area at Hales Landing on Lake Seminole.  It was just 2 miles away so that is where we ended up for lunch.

Hales Landing Picnic Area

Now that I sound like I am going crazy, this is the great thing about having a motorhome, you can change your mind and find out of the way places.  The landing was a great place to eat lunch in the Fuse.  There is a small campground there and several picnic shelters in addition to the boat launch.

Hales Landing

We parked the Fuse and started making lunch.    For that we needed the microwave so I started the generator.  The generator was needed for about 15 min. and  I was pleasantly surprised since the generator got less noisy as it ran.  

A month ago when I had the oil changed I had them use Mobile One synthetic oil.  Several people had commented that the oil had helped quiet some of the generator noise.  I figured it was low cost, low risk thing to do - so I did.  After the generator ran for about 5 minutes the tone changed.  I thought the generator might have been stopping but everything was fine and the microwave was still running.  About 5 minutes later, the same thing happened, the generator got a little less noisy as the same thought ran through my mind but again everything was going good.  Don't confuse this with the generator being quiet.  It was still loud, but not as loud as before.  It sounded like it was running somewhat smoother as well.  It could be that things are just getting broken in at 20 hours, but things got a little better.

Hales Landing

After lunch and looking around, we drove to the south end of Lake Seminole.  Saw several other COE and other sites looking at them as potential weekend getaways.  Eventually we got to the COE Eastbank campground just outside Chattahoochee, Fl.  We asked if we could look around and were given a 15 min pass by the camp host to take a look.   We are definitely going back when the weather cools a little.  This campground was right against the water and was beautiful.

Then we went back home.  We started out heading NNE, then NNW and then wound up due West.   We drove 170 miles today.  We got 16.25mpg on our journey.  The computer ended at 16.2mpg but during our travels around the lake at 40mph the computer was showing 17.5mpg.

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