Thursday, October 20, 2016

2017 1/2 - 2018 Fuse Updates from Facebook

Lynn & John Hawkins went to the Winnebago Factory and while there met with a  product planner for the Fuse.   I am copying her Facebook posting here and a couple of the comments to spread the word:

Lynn Gilleland Hawkins - 10/12/16
When we met with the Product Planner, he also read us the changes to the new model Fuse which I believe are all available this month. I was typing as fast as I could and, hopefully, I got this right, but please don't hold me to the accuracy of this! I did my best! Here they are:
Navigation system.
Color - Ford discontinued Lunar Sky so they had to change the Fuse color.
5000 lb hitch – they changed the chassis extension and put on a bigger hitch.
Ford Sync radio.
Lane change warning.
Minor cosmetic change to the cabinets up front.
Raised coach clearance 1 inch.
Convenience package is now standard other than the second battery (option).
Changing sofa - easier to pull out and more comfortable especially for large sofas - better sleeping surface.
Entrance door is 2 inches taller.
Table hardware changed - tube and bases fit better.
Added siphon tube.

New options:
Chrome wheels.
Dual pane windows - same weight with shade in the middle; open out like jalousies. Like the ones in the View.
Electric stabilizer jacks – they will not level, just keep from rocking.
Different bike rack.

 John Hawkins
They actually tested the new 2" hitch on the original frame extension and it deformed at max load, so they changed the frame extension to accommodate the increased capacity. Straight from the engineer.
John Hawkins
Some clarifications: The 1" extra clearance will only come once Ford delivers Transits with the new leaf springs (starting later this month?) and they roll through the Winnebago assembly line sometime later. The new hitch cannot be retrofitted on earlier models because the frame extension that Winnebago adds to the Transit frame has been beefed up quite a bit on the models that come with increased towing capacity. If you have the lightweight tables you already have the Springfield Marine table hardware. The early heavy tables have ITC Marine hardware. Neither of us can remember what Lynn's "siphon tube" note means; winterizing water system maybe??

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