Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Small Front TV change

I have been getting annoyed with the TV situation when we have 110v available to the Fuse.  The problem is that the front and rear TVs respond to the same remote control.   Since we are not using the front TV much, I came up with a quick solution.  Just turn off the power.

I could of done this by just unplugging it (and I did earlier) but the cord rattled around a little.  So I did something a little more hi-tech.   I bought a socket with a power savings switch to plug the TV into.  $6.95 at Home Depot.  Originally intended to kill parasitic electrical loads around the house.

Power Savings Switch

It has a switch so the cord is plugged in and does not rattle.  Easy to turn on and off and the price was right.   Now I can turn it on or off when I want it on or off.

Power savings switch

This is what it looks like installed behind the TV.   Might have been better if the color was black, but it is hidden by the TV so who will see it.  Like I said,  a small change but hopefully for the better, or at least to keep me from going nuts any faster.

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