Tuesday, May 10, 2016

MyJo by Presto

Presto MyJo

Coffee in the morning.  Something we like to have and we have really enjoyed coffee much more once we started to use a Keurig machine at home (and at work) and no longer have to agree on the flavor.  I have thought about purchasing a Keurig for the Fuse but a) it is expensive b)can make a mess and c) eats up space.

I came across the Presto MyJo on Amazon.  It is rather inexpensive at $12.00 and I read some good reviews so I decided to take a chance and purchase one.

I am old and I always remember Presto and Ronco and from their cheesy TV commercials in the 70s.  That makes all Presto stuff suspect.  You have to wonder so the first question is "does it work?"   The answer to that is yes it does.  The second question is "is it going to fall apart?"  The answer to that is it seems well made and it is too simple to fall apart.

Presto MyJo

How does it work:  Well you fill up the clear section with water.  Put it in the Fuses microwave for 3 min to bring to a boil.  (You can also boil the water on the stovetop if your not plugged in and you don't want to run the generator).  Then attach the K-Cup holder to the bottom and the pump to the top.   Put it on top of your coffee cup.  Use the pump to force the water through the K-Cup and you are done.   5 or so pumps did it.  It will hold up to 10oz of water.

Presto MyJo

It is really that simple.   Works well.  Coffee tastes just like it does at home.  The only thing I ran into was that I used a small cup on one occasion and it would not pump very well.  The outlet was under the liquid level in the cup.  My cup was full and about to overflow.  It would not let any more air into the system.  That probably kept me from making a mess.

It also came with a filter basket if you want to use ground coffee as opposed to a standard K-Cup.  Worked equally well for hot chocolate since we actually drink more of that than coffee.

For the $12.00, it was a great way to get K-Cup coffee into the motorhome.   Recommended.

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