Monday, May 30, 2016

Lake Seminole, Florida Side

Lake Seminole Fuse 23a

Took a day trip to explore the Florida Side of Lake Seminole.   Lake Semiole sits on the border of Florida, Georgia and Alabama and is formed by Jim Woodruff Dam.  It is operated by the Corps of Engineers (CoE) and is a very beautiful place.

It is about 50 miles from Tallahassee mostly via I-10.  We turned off I-10 at the Chattahoochee exit and followed the signs up a little bit and then through the town.  A turn to the north on Booster Club Road and about a mile down the road and you are on CoE property, very close to the dam and into Georgia.   We followed the road and passed the Eastbank campground and up to Chattahoochee Park and River Junction Landing.  
Lake Seminole Fuse 23aLake Seminole Fuse 23a

There were plenty of places to picnic high up on a bluff.  A nice breeze was blowing but even with that at 90+ degrees it was still hot.  After watching some boats and eating lunch we were about to leave but caught an interesting sight.  A person was paddling their pontoon boat with an oar.   He apparently ran out of gas in the lake and came back in the only way he had.
Lake Seminole Fuse 23a

From here we went back into town and crossed the Apalachicola below the dam on US-90.  We then went up to the dam overlook.
Dam - Lake SeminoleJim Woodruff Dam - Lake Seminole

Through the haze you can see the Eastbank campground.   This is where we are going to try and spend a Saturday night in the fall when it becomes cooler.  We did not go down there this time, but in the past it appeared to be very nice.   I will say that the CoE along the lake keeps everything very well manicured.
Eastbank Campground Lake Seminole

From here we went through the town of Sneads and up to Three Rivers State Park. A day pass was $3.00 and the ranger said it was OK to take a look at the campground.  We on in and the campground was fairly nice.  Lots of shade from the trees but the spots were packed dirt.  They did have 30 and 50 amp electrical and water at each spot.  $16.00 /night which did not seem too bad.  

We went on down to the picnic area and it was very nice.  A playground and plenty of covered tables.  Restrooms and a pretty view of the lake.
Lake Seminole Fuse 23aLake Seminole Fuse 23a

From here we went back to Sneads and back to I-10.  East on I-10 to Tallahassee and home.   The round trip was about 150 miles.   2/3's on I-10 and 1/3 on secondary roads.  The weather was hot.  In the low to mid 90s the whole way.  The trip computer said we got 16.0mpg.   Overall a pretty fun afternoon.

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